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Priyanka Vadra’s Exit from Lodhi Estate – BJP’s Hatred or Congress Obscuring Facts?

Priyanka Vadra’s imminent exit from Lodhi Estate

Is there any need to create noise about Priyanka Vadra’s imminent exit from her allotted Lodhi Estate house after the government served notice to this effect? For all who go by the rule book, it is a non-issue.

The facts are clear: Priyanka was provided that accommodation because she was protected by the SPG. The Parliament in November 2019 decided that the Special Protection Group will only protect the Prime Minister and members of his immediate family residing with him at his official residence. Nevertheless, Sonia Gandhi and her family are given security at another level. Since Priyanka Vadra no longer has SPG cover and also does not hold any public office, the exit was imminent. It can also be argued that had this move come from Priyanka herself even before the government notice, that might have been deemed as a graceful step on her part.

The Typical Reaction of Congress

Randeep Surjewala of Congress reacted on the issue saying, “Blind hatred and a sense of vengeance with the Congress leadership is evident by the BJP and Modi government… The notice to clear Priyanka’s house shows the uneasiness of Modi ji-Yogi ji. We are not afraid of the frustrated decisions of the authoritarian government.”

Really? Sticking to privileges and using government resources even when one is not entitled for it is perhaps the ‘democratic’ trait for Congress.

Privilege VS Probity

This particular attitude of Congress reflects their mindset of privilege which looks down upon values like probity in public life. If you revisit the days of UPA government, it was common for politicians not to vacate the official accommodation even after they ceased to hold public office. After the Modi government came to power, it established rule of law by making the netas without public office vacate their bungalows and accommodations.

Two news snippets below, first one belonging to the UPA era and another to NDA era, tell a story by themselves.

Some Set the Example, Priyanka Vadra Not one of Them

Priyanka Vadra had an opportunity to exhibit her maturity had she opted for moving out from the official accommodation as soon as the new security apparatus other than the SPG was put in place.

Just see some of the examples in recent past in which one can see the fine examples of probity in public life. Here are two headlines to tell that story.

It seems that the ‘privileged’ can’t understand the importance of probity in public life.

Under the Modi government not just netas, but the illegal occupants of government accommodation of all hue are feeling the heat. You may read Azadi for Lutyens’ Delhi from Bungalow Squatters to know more.