Rama Returns

Nine Things PM Modi Said After Ending Five Centuries of Wait for Ramaa’s Return

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing the shilanyas puja and laying the stones for the grand Rama Temple at Ayodhya, nearly five centuries of struggle saw a fruitful, fulfilling concluding moment. The words PM Modi spoke on the occasion captured the spirit of the accomplishment. Here are the key things he said in his long speech.

  1. A grand temple will now be built for our Rama Lalla who had been staying in a tent for decades. The cycle of breaking and building again that had been going for years comes to an end.
  2. The way boatmen to tribals helped Lord Rama, the way children helped Lord Krishna lift Govardhan mountain, similarly, with everyone’s efforts temple construction will be completed.
  3. Rama Mandir will become the modern symbol of our traditions. It’ll become a symbol of our devotion, our national sentiment. This temple will also symbolise the power of collective resolution of crores of people. It will keep inspiring the future generations
  4. Despite efforts to eradicate existence of Lord Rama he still lives in our heart. Rama is everywhere, Rama belongs to all.
  5. The call ‘Jai SiyaRama’is resonating not only in the city of Lord Rama but throughout the world today.
  6. The message of Lord Rama is to let no one be sad or deprived. Let no one remain poor, let every form of life be well taken care of. We need ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas’ to ensure ‘Sabka Vikas’.
  7. When India was colonised, there wasn’t a corner of India which did not sacrifice for the purpose of freedom, till we finally got it in 1947. Similarly, for justice to Lord Rama, hundreds of thousands of people sacrificed and contributed to ensure that we see this day today.
  8. Different versions of Ramayana exist in different regions and in languages across the country. Even beyond India, Lord Rama is alive in many cultures. Indonesia, which is the world’s most populous Muslim nation, has four different versions of Ramayana, and is a country where Lord Rama is still worshipped with divinity. You can find the versions of Ramayana in Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and even Iran and China.
  9. Lord Rama and the grand temple that will be constructed here will inspire humanity in many centuries to come.