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No, PMO did not ask ‘Onion Farmer’ Sanjay Sathe for Online Money Transfer

Apparently protesting over the prices offered for his onion produce, Sanjay Sathe, a farmer from Nashik, Maharashtra, reportedly recently sent a money order of Rs. 1,064 to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which he earned after selling 750 kgs of onion in the market. In response to this, the PMO reportedly refused to accept the money order and sent it back to him.

Talking to India Today, Sathe said, “I had sent a money order to the PMO on November 29. On December 10, I received a call from the post office stating that my money order has been rejected and I should collect my money.”

Below is the screenshot of the Money Order trail between Nashik and New Delhi, sent by Sanjay Sathe:

Now, take a look at the video by the news channel Mobile Tak in which farmer Sanjay Sathe was interviewed. In the interview, Sathe did not say anything about the PMO asking him for the online transfer of money. He, in fact, can be seen thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking note of the issue and sending him a report after investigating the matter.

But there appear to be deliberate efforts by some sections of media to spread fake news. Here are some of them:

  • A report in Dainik Bhaskar said that while replying to Sanjay Sathe, PMO said that it does not accept money orders. If Sanjay Sathe wanted to send the money to PMO, it should be sent through the online route, the report said.

  • A similar report was published by Business Standard and Scoopwhoop, among others, quoting the Dainik Bhaskar report.

We have seen in the above discussion that there is no mention of online money transfer by PMO as also corroborated in the interview of farmer Sanjay Sathe himself.  Therefore, the news of PMO asking Sanjay Sathe for online transfer of money instead of a Money Order is absolutely fake. On the contrary, PMO has not only refused and returned the Money Order but has also taken note of the issues of farmers like Sathe as seen in the interview video above.