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PM Modi’s Interaction with Chowkidars- Eight Key Takeaways

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with 25 lakh Chowkidars who have been on security-related jobs across the nation. During the interaction on the eve of the festive occasion of Holi, PM Modi has turned the Chowkidar community a symbol of the fight against many evils in the country including corruption. He said that the “Chowkidar chor hai” jibe mooted by the opposition Congress is an insult to the lakhs of chowkidars who are ably discharging their duty.

Here are the key takeaways from the PM’s interaction with Chowkidars.

Chowkidar Has Become a Buzzword and a Term of Pride

PM Modi has underlined the new trend as he said that the whole nation is talking about chowkidars today, be it urban or rural, be it in TV or social media. Most of the languages in the world seem to be accepting this word now.

Chowkidar Inspiring India

PM Modi said: Every Indian saying “I too am a Chowkidar” or “Main Bhi Chowkidar” by taking inspiration from your service. Security personnel across the nation have become a symbol of fighting corruption, uncleanliness, dynasty rule and many other evils prevailing in the country.

Making Chowkidar a Symbol of Selfless Service

PM Modi recognized the hard work of security personnel. Two unique things PM has observed during the interaction are: Even during festivals, Chowkidars are seen on duty. Even when the family members need them, Chowkidars do not miss their duty of serving society.

Countering the Abuses and Humiliation

When a lady Chowkidar who interacted over the phone with PM Modi described the pain of receiving abuse as such “Chowkidar chor hai” slur, PM Modi said that one should not mind the abuses while doing good. He said that such kind of abuses are only expected to rise in the run up to the election since the Opposition is not coming to terms with the phrase and concept of being a Chowkidar. At a later point, he said that the way to handle all these abuses is to wear them with pride and do our duty.

Chowkidars as Symbol of Sanskar

PM Modi said that the chowkidars are ‘kaamdaar’, self-made people who work hard, and the abusers are the privileged ‘naamdaars’, thereby making the distinction clear. He said that the chowkidars should aspire to educate their children to become doctors and engineers etc., but also should inculcate the ‘chowkidar sanskar’ among them which inspires them to discharge their duty with accountability and honesty while the privileged try to demoralize them.

Chowkidar as Protector

When a security guard called PM Modi to say that the chowkidars and the nation as a whole is proud of India’s attack on Pakistan’s terror camps, PM Modi linked the chowkidar concept to soldiers and their bravery. He said that India showcased to the world how it can fight evils.

Making the difference between chowkidars and anti-India forces clear, he said, “Everyone should be proud of our armed forces. They sacrifice their lives for all of us. These ‘tukde-tukde’ gangs cannot digest the fact that the armed forces carried out the air strikes deep inside Pakistan”

Extending Chowkidar Concept to All Walks of Life

PM Modi said, whoever works with the intention of doing good to the nation is chowkidar. He said, therefore, Prime Minister and security guards are on the same pedestal. Teachers, soldiers all are chowkidars in this sense.

Chowkidar- The Ultimate Agent of Change

PM Modi has summarized the main difference between the present government and the previous one. He said, being Chowkidar has made all the impact. In the previous regime, crores of rupees were looted because there was no chowkidar but at present, the poor, for the first time, got bank accounts, health, and insurance coverage.


Thus, PM Modi has given a new meaning to the word chowkidar and given a role model for countrymen out of a group, the chowkidars, which a common person notices in his every day’s life.