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PM Modi Got the Highest Number of Votes in History

PM Modi Win Number Votes

After the conclusion of Lok Sabha Elections of 2019, many analyses on the results were done. Many different types of statistics and trends have come out. In this series, we look at the scale and the magnitude of PM Modi’s win.

According to a Business Standard report, about 61 crores voters had exercised their franchise in the Lok Sabha elections 2019, out of the total voting-eligible population of about 90.99 crores in India. The estimates suggest that BJP had a vote share of about 37.5% and NDA about 45%.

Thus, in an election campaign which was seen as a referendum on PM Narendra Modi, Bhartiya Janata Party under his leadership got more than 22.5 crore votes whereas National Democratic Alliance led by BJP has received more than 27 crore votes.

But what do these figures mean? They may appear simple numbers. But in a democratic polity, the number of votes at this scale show the popularity of the leader. In fact, with 27 crore votes, PM Modi is now a leader who has got the highest number of votes ever in a democratic country in history.

It needs to be understood that the total population and number of voters registered in different countries leave others with no chance to even compete with PM Modi. Thus, this comparison is only to understand the magnitude of PM Modi’s win.

United States of America

In the electoral college system of USA, even the President Donald Trump had garnered 6.2 crore votes.


The combined number of registered voters in the powerful trio of Europe i.e. France (approx. 4.7 crore), United Kingdom (approx. 4.6 crore) and Germany (approx. 6 crore) comes to about 15 crore. So, none of the leaders from these countries could have got votes even to come close to PM Modi, let alone overtake him.


China doesn’t have elections similar to fought in other democratic countries of the world. It has the communist model and follows the hierarchical electoral system to form its government.


According to an article published on Superior Electorate Court’s website, voting in Brazil is compulsory for all literate citizens over 18 and under 70, and optional for citizens who are aged 16 and 17, are older than 70 or are illiterate. President Jair Bolsonaro who won the election in 2018 had secured more than 5.7 crore votes.


When we see the world map, Russia appears to be disproportionately large in terms of geographical area. In 2018, President Vladimir Putin had secured about 5.6 crore popular votes.


Even in India, Rajiv Gandhi had got about 11 crore votes in 1984 when he led his party Congress to a landslide win, riding on a sympathy wave immediately after the assassination of his mother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.