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PM Modi and Varanasi’s Journey to Vikas

PM Modi Varanasi development

On the evening of April 25, a day before PM filed his nomination, the country saw an electrifying atmosphere in the city of Varanasi. When PM Modi started his road show, people of Varanasi came out in large numbers to take one glimpse of him. This also happened on the day when Congress’s Priyanka Vadra had backed out of contesting in Varanasi against the PM.

There is a reason behind her going back. The bare fact is that today, no matter who it is, none of the top leaders of the Opposition seems equal to the task of putting up a fight against PM Modi in Varanasi.

During her campaign,Priyanka Vadra made a claim that PM Modi had not visited Varanasi after becoming a Member of Parliament from here.“Modiji has a lot of time to visit America, Africa, Japan and other countries but he doesn’t have even five minutes time to visit Varanasi,” she had said. This is a brazen lie.

PM Modi had visited Varanasi on May 17, 2014, the very next day of announcement of Lok Sabha results. Since then on several occasions, he has been visiting Varanasi, either to launch a development project, or to inaugurate the previously-launched projects.

We are reproducing the details of all his visits to Varanasi along with development works that he did in last 5 years since becoming the MP from the holy city. In all these 17 visits, probably more than the sum of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi’s visits to their respective constituencies, Kashi has seen many development milestones.

Most of the projects have already been completed and operationalised. To know more about the development in Varanasi, one can visit Kashi Vikas Yatra section of PM Modi’s website. We also have independently written about the transformation of Varanasi.

The outpouring of people’s support to PM Modi in Varanasi and the choice of Wayanad as second and safe option,other than Amethi,by Rahul Gandhi clearly establishes the difference between development vs. dynastic politics. If PM Modi has personally supervised the transformation of Varanasi before seeking the support of the people for the second term, Congress President treated Amethi as his personal fiefdom, something that he feels he is entitled to merely by virtue of being a member of the ‘family’.At the same time, if the PM himself is being held accountable for his work in Varanasi, it is ironical that Mr Gandhi has never been asked much about his contribution to Amethi.

Take a look at Kashi Vikas Yatra

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More than the information above, the support that PM Modi enjoys in Varanasi is a better testimony to his commitment to the development of this ancient heritage of India.

Take a personal tour of Kashi Vikas Yatra in detail –Click here, or do visit the city to get a first-hand experience of what is being said in this piece.