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How PM Modi is Demanding a Higher Stake for India in Global Decision-Making Institutions

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The first term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid emphasis in bonding with nations and shaping international affairs in line with India’s interests. For instance, the first term ensured that India strengthened its bond with both the Arab world and Israel, a scenario that was perceived to be difficult earlier.

The Corona crisis hit in the earlier stages of PM Modi’s second term, needing a significant amount of energy and focus of the administration in this regard. Nevertheless, the evolving picture suggests that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is able to further build India’s stature on global platform even in this difficult time.

India’s Global Narrative – The Next Step

After networking India well among the global community, it now is apparent that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting in relentless effort in demanding a leadership role and a high place on the global table of discussion and policy formation.

A Strong pitch at UN: His recent address to the United Nations general assembly mirrors the new assertiveness and self-confidence that India has gained. While saying without hesitation that the United Nations needs reform, Prime Minister Modi posed a direct question to the UN and global community.

For how long will India be kept out of the decision-making structures of the United Nations? A country, which is the largest democracy of the world, a country with more than 18% of the world population, a country which has hundreds of languages, hundreds of dialects, many sects, many ideologies, A country, which was a leading global economy for centuries and also one which has seen hundreds of years of foreign rule.”

He goes on probing, “When we were strong, we did not trouble the world; when we were weak, we did not become a burden on the world. How long would a country have to wait particularly when the changes happening in that country affect a large part of the world?”

India’s direction on global supply chain: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his interactions with the world is convincing global powers about the importance of India in the scheme of things. Without naming China, he is warning the world about the dangers of depending on a single source for their supplies. It is particularly appealing at a time when the world is unhappy about the conduct of China amidst the pandemic that originated from that country.

In his address to the virtual bilateral meet between India and Denmark, PM Modi has said, “COVID-19 has shown that it is risky for Global Supply Chains to be highly dependent on any single source.”

Whenever PM Modi speaks about reshaping the global supply chain, he highlights the various reforms involving agriculture, labor, industry and other areas which have been introduced in this pandemic year to open up new opportunities and brought greater ease in doing business.

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Pitching for WTO reforms: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that the global decision-making institutions should give higher stakes to India also expands to the world trade order. A recent joint statement by India and Denmark provides a glimpse of how India is gathering support in this regard. “Both sides expressed their support for the ongoing discussions to reform the WTO. Both sides reaffirmed their determination to strengthen cooperation and contribute for comprehensive reforms of the WTO. Both sides agreed that the reforms need to be inclusive and to be carried out in a transparent manner, high priority being restoration of a full strength Appellate Body as part of the two-tiered Dispute Settlement System of the WTO.”

Previously, Narendra Modi’s administration has shown global leadership in spheres like International Solar Alliance, climate change etc. Now PM Modi is demanding larger say for India in the global decision making process.


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