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After Ayodhya Verdict, PM Positioned ‘November 9’ in New Light

pm modi on ayodhya verdict

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation after the historic Ayodhya verdict and interpreted ‘November 9’ as a date signifying people coming together keeping aside their differences. He recalled the instance of bringing down the Berlin wall which was also occurred on November 9 in the history. He explained how both the Ayodhya verdict and opening of Kartarpur corridor happened marks unified character of our nation.

Praise for People and the Court

He made the following points:

The Supreme Court has given judgement which was lagging for centuries. The people wanted a daily hearing and the apex court fulfilled their demand.

The world knows India as the biggest democracy, but with the calm and civil conduct of people across all the sections after the verdict, the world also witnessed how mature our democracy is. If one wants to describe the concept of Unity in Diversity they would have to take note of this event.

This is the golden chapter in Indian democracy. The verdict was unanimous. Even in family it is not easy to sort out issue unanimously. But the justice system of our country has delivered this on such a complex case.

November 9 – The New Dawn

Berlin wall fell on November 9. On 9th November Kartarpur corridor was inaugurated in which Pakistan also contributed. So, November 9 is the day of marching together. This is where the New India should take inspiration and move forward unitedly.

We should also take care of those who left behind.

The verdict has brought a new dawn. It took many generations to arrive at this decision. But this generation should take inspiration for new India in this judgement.

So, it is time to respect law that has delivered such a fine judgement. It gave the responsibility to the government for building of the temple. With this PM Modi put in perspective the responsibility of all citizens, having been increased now, towards building of a New India.