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#Modi2019Interview Rocked Social Media: Here is How People Reacted

PM Modi Interview ANI

As the first of January was ushered in, social media was abuzz with Happy New Year greetings. This was business as usual. But, by the evening, one thing that took the social media by storm was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s elaborate interview to Asian News International (ANI). People started chatting and tweeting about it. Social media platforms were flush with many views and opinions on PM Modi’s interview. Here are some of them.

Manak Gupta, a senior journalist tweeted calling PM’s interview very comprehensive and also appreciated Smita Prakash, Editor, News, ANI to have conducted it perfectly.

Another Twitter user Kalpana Avinash, a teacher, found the questions in the interview as daring and uncomfortable and answers as direct and no non-sense. She also called interview a treat to watch.

Aadit Kapadia, Co-Founder: Myind.net found the interview excellent in which no topic was unaddressed.

Siddarth Pai, a technologist by profession, tweeted using the nomenclature of ‘naamdar’ and ‘kaamdar’ often used by the Prime Minister Modi himself.

Ashok Pandit, a filmmaker tweeted that how PM Modi is one leader who evokes reactions and makes a country of 125 crore people think.

On the issue of farmers, Prime Minister’s statement has gone beyond the mere promises of farm waiver and touched where it is needed the most, making Indian farmers self-sufficient that they don’t need debts. Pradeep Bhandari, Founder CEO Chief Jan Ki Baat tweeted saying ‘this is what a leader with a vision speaks’.

Dilip, a twitter user after watching the interview said that this interview was unmissable for every Indian and added that we are lucky to have Prime Minister who oozes sincerity and commitment to our nation.

In this candid and comprehensive interview, PM Modi also took questions on Surgical Strike. His answers were nuanced and sensitive felt Amul Atri.

Shehzad Poonawalla, a rebel Congress leader also found PM’s interview detailed and incisive with no holds barred.

In reply to author and former RAW head Vikram Sood’s tweet which said that the PM’s interview was not-to-be missed, a Twitterati Achintya Gaumat said PM didn’t dodge questions and he played all shots on the front foot.

Dr. S Raghavachari found the PM’s interview clear, concise, unambiguous, factual and comfortable.

On the pressing issue of Sabarimala, PM Modi’s answer was simple yet nuanced and many devotees were seen thanking Prime Minister for his clarity of views on this issue.


Without any attempts of dodging the question, Prime Minister made his views amply clear on a very tough question of Sabarimala Vs. Triple Talaq. Dr. Parag, a twitter user appreciated the PM Modi for his answer.

Not only the PM’s interview received appreciation from all quarters, but some found it record-making. Amish Devgan, Executive Editor, Network18 said that he can’t recall any sitting PM giving such an elaborate interview during his tenure.

Appreciating the popularity of Prime Minister Modi, Parminder Singh Brar, Senior Vice President of Punjab Rifle Shooting Association, said that one can gauge the popularity of the Prime Minister from the fact that ANI website faced issues due to the massive website traffic during the telecast of the interview.

However, there were some usual suspects who attempted to cast aspersions on the interview. Pratik Sinha, a self-proclaimed fact checker tried to come up with such convoluted logic. To this, journalist Manu Joseph, no fan of PM Modi, debunked Sinha’s theory.


As the New India entered into the new year of 2019 which will also see the elections for next Lok Sabha, an elaborate interview has set the agenda for the year.