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PM Modi in Lok Sabha Attacks on Feudalistic Mindset Who Oppose Change and Reforms

After the much-loved speech in Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in the Lok Sabha in reply to the President’s speech at the beginning of the Budget Session 2021.

He hailed the women Members of Parliament (MPs) for enriching the debates and discussion with their ideas and presentation.

He highlighted the fact that when India is celebrating 75th year of Indian Independence, it becomes the collective responsibility of Indians to chart the path for other 25 years.

Indians proved the British wrong, who used to say that India is a collection of many nations and no one can rule it unitedly.

New World-order Post-Corona

Just like a New World Order shaped after World War-2, post-Corona also is creating a New World Order. Unlike after World Wars, India can’t play the role of adjusting player; it has to step up its game and become a major player this time, and Aatmanirbhar Bharat is the way to achieve it. Since India is Aatmanirbhar in pharma, so it could help the globe in tune with the principle of ‘Sarvejana sukhono bhavantu’.

On Farmers’ Issue

PM Modi said that the opposition Congress never spoke on the content and intent of farm reform laws. He reiterated that the government is holding talks with farmers since the beginning when the agitation started in Punjab, even before it was reaching Delhi. Even to this day, if the groups come forward with specific reservations, the government is ready to address them suitably.

The PM stressed how even after passing the law, no mandis got closed and MSP has not stopped. In fact, MSP has increased after the law passed, thus demonstrating the lack of basis of the fearmongering.

Attacking the Congress for disrupting his speech, PM Modi said that the noise that the opposition is creating is to protect their lies. The PM highlighted how the laws only provide additional options for farmers, and do not snatch anything or shut down any existing farm facilities.

Attack on Feudalistic Mindset

Attacking the absurdity of a new type of argument that has emerged regarding reforms being pushed against people’s will, PM Modi counted all the laws like laws against dowry, Triple Talaq, child marriage etc that came without asking and said that there is no compulsion to avail the facilities given by the laws. He also highlighted that nobody asked the government to give monetary support to farmers. But it provided PM Kisan.

PM Modi pointed out that in the larger interests of nation some measures are taken from time to time, and people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Dr Ambedkar and many others also faced opposition in their day.

The attitude that something needs to be given only when people beg for it is the mentality of a feudal order, not of democracy.

Anecdotes About Status Quo

PM Modi narrated the story of a redundant position called CCA which stood for Churchill’s Cigar Assistant that continued even after the Independence for some time. The work of the CCA was to ensure cigars for former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Quoting this example, PM Modi urged on the need for change, emphasizing how such absurdities fester when the attitude is to oppose changes.

Reforms to Help Small Farmers

PM Modi once again asserted that reforms are essential for small farmers as with the increase in population the land holdings are fragmenting further. Farmers can’t progress by only growing rice and wheat, and the farmers need to diversify crops considering the demand in the world market, noted PM Modi.

PM Modi cited the example of Strawberry growing in places like Kutch and Uttar Pradesh, and said that the reform measures will lead to all such changes. He also also counted the various things done for small farmers such as creating 10,000 Farmers’ Producer Organisation, ₹1 lakh crore agriculture infrastructure fund etc., and explained how Kisan Rail enabled small farmers to connect with the markets of other states, even in small quantities like 30 kilo grains.

Taking a swipe at Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar’s U-turn, PM Modi shed light on the changing stance of Sharad Pawar, who was the Union Minister of Agriculture during the UPA tenure. He cited how he had spoken about APMC reforms and took pride in claiming that 24 markets for direct marketing beyond mandis already created.

Private Sector Need Not be Villainised, Taking Andolan jeevis Head On

Attacking the attitude of Congress towards the private sector, PM Modi categorically stated that insulting private sector is insulting the power of youth who are creating wealth through that sector.

Differentiating between Andolankaari and Andolanjeevi he also highlighted how in the name of farmers, Andolanjeevis demanded the release of naxals and terrorists, and instigated to vandalise toll plaza and telecom towers.

Talking the Right Thing and Doing the Right Thing

People who claim that they are talking the right thing, oppose when someone starts doing the right thing. He cited example- that people who talk about pollution in Delhi are supporting stubble burning in other states. In this regards, PM Modi made amply clear which side he stands on.