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PM Modi Exhorts the Collective Spirit of the Nation, Asks to Light Diya on April 5

Times of crisis are not just about economics, they often involve a lot of emotional aspects as well. Who else other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi can understand this? In his short-video message to the nation, he asked the people of India to light a lamp, candle, mobile torch or flashlights at their doorsteps/balcony on the night of April 9th at 9 PM for 9 minutes, after switching off all the lights inside the home.

What does this exercise mean? As PM Modi himself explained, it exhibits the collective spirit of the nation in fighting the global pandemic. It reminds everyone that they are not alone in this fight, and all the 130-crore people of India are with them. He said, quoting a Sanskrit quotation, that there is no power is stronger than the collective fighting spirit.

He reminded people that social distancing norms need to be followed during this exercise and people should refrain from not making this a crowded event.

PM Modi wants this to be an exercise that especially gives a light of hope for the poor sections of the society who are most vulnerable and have suffered the most during this lockdown. He lauded the people of the country for their disciplined behaviour and their spirit of service that is on display during the ongoing lockdown. He noted that the gratitude display during Janata Curfew by clapping and clanging of utensils has been replicated across the world.

The Significance of Emotional Aspects

In one of our earlier articles, What Does the Lockdown Experience of the World Tell About India? we had discussed how the people in European countries are showing a lockdown fatigue. This emotional aspect is vital, which perhaps many nations subsumed only in economic calculations have ignored, and are now paying the price for.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has keenly addressed that issue, a point of high significance to a populous country like ours, to keep the spirit high during the lockdown period so that the objectives can be achieved successfully.