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PM Modi Bats for Reform of the United Nations – Here are the Key Takeaways

Prime Minister Narendra Modi placed a lot of weight on UN reforms when he put out the remark that ‘the century of change has to accompany change in our structures.’ Here are the key takeaways from the speech

  • India respects UN deeply. However, it is well recognized that the reform of the UN is due for a very long time and its citizens are looking ahead to a new reformed UN. Though, there has been no third world war; however, several wars and civil wars have occurred. Terror attacks have shaken the world, and rivers of blood have flown. Humans like you and me have died in these events.
  • India never troubled the world in its moment of strength, and never became a liability on this world. India is a country where change affects a large portion of the world is now looking for its rightful place in a new reformed UN. India’s global outlook truly reflects UN’s message through Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. With the largest number of martyrs, India has played major role in UN peacekeeping missions while participated in 50 peacekeeping missions for establishing peace.
  • The various initiatives such as International Day of Non-Violence on 2nd October, the International Day of Yoga on 21st June, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure and the International Solar Alliance are reflection of India’s values benefiting the global good. Initiatives like Neighbourhood first, Act East, Security for all in the region and vision on Indo-Pacific region thrusts world interest of strengthening development and reflects India’s commitment to the same principles as the UN.
  • During COVID-19 pandemic India has supplied essential medicines to 150 countries and also ready for Phase III of clinical trial for COVID and cooperating with various other countries in building cold chain capacity on vaccine storage.
  • India as the world’s largest democracy extends its immense experience for benefit of the world. Terror, drug and arms trafficking are the enemies of the humanity and India will oppose them.
  • India’s mantra of reform-perform and transform has produced the results resulting in connecting more than 400 million people with the banking system, and freeing 600 million people from open defecation. 500 million benefit from the world’s largest free healthcare system. These experiences have the potential to benefit other countries equally.
  • India is at the fore in the sphere of digital transformation, leading to empowerment and transformation of our citizens lives. With firm resolution India is pursuing a massive country wide campaign to eradicate TB by 2025. 150 million rural households are also being connected with drinking tap water connections. As part of a huge scheme 600,000 villages are being connected with broadband connections.
  • Aatmanirbhar Bharat is driving India’s economy but also a force multiplier for the world as well. Moreover, India is ensuring that every citizen gets benefits of these schemes without fail.
  • India is working hard to promote women entrepreneurship. Women are the largest beneficiaries of India’s MUDRA scheme to support their entrepreneurship endeavours. India is one of the few countries in the world that gives 26 weeks paid maternity to its working women. India have also introduced legal protection to our transgenders.