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PM Modi Attending the Swearing-in Ceremony in Maldives – Puts the Negative Propaganda to Dust

Swearing-in Ceremony in Maldives

On November 17, 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the swearing-in ceremony of Maldives’ new President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. This is undoubtedly a remarkable moment for India’s foreign policy endeavour considering the fact that the new President is taking over the reins of administration of Maldives after successfully ousting the former pro-China President Abdulla Yameen through a democratic process. In addition, PM Modi’s visit to Maldives on this occasion is first of a kind since 2011, as the Head of the Indian Government.

This occasion has also answered the fake narrative against India’s capabilities on the foreign affairs’ front being maliciously carried out by the Congress Party and other section of media houses and opinion makers. When Maldives was going through a turmoil in the past few months, these people have used the situation to run down the Modi Government. The prevalent narrative was that the Modi Government has lost all the diplomatic grounds and the influence over Maldives while China has taken over all the interests in that country.

Rahul Gandhi's & Congress' Narrative on Maldives

Congress President Rahul Gandhi had taken a dig at the Modi Government in June 2018 over Maldives, alleging that India’s foreign policy under the Modi Government has no proper roadmap but just some photo ops and non-agenda meetings. Now, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the swearing-in ceremony of the new pro-India government in Maldives, isn’t it right to expect Rahul Gandhi to congratulate the Indian Government for this?

Below are the tweet samples where Congress’ Spokespersons and functionaries pushed their spiteful negative narrative.

This is how some opinion makers seemingly rejoice over the issues where they are able to find an opportunity to run down the Modi Government.

India’s Shining Moment in Maldives

It has become evident now that all the while when the Congress Party and some opinion makers were running a demoralizing negative narrative against India over the Maldives issue, the government was quietly working behind the scene to turn the situation into India’s favor. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending the swearing-in ceremony of Maldives’ new President reflects upon India’s increasing ability to manage foreign affairs. The reasons are the followings:

  • It shows that India can firmly hold its ground against the Chinese dominance over the Indian
  • Former President, Yameen was Pro-China and had taken a large amount of loan and other help from China. The new President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has taken a pro-India and an anti-China stance.
  • India’s relationship with the new Maldives’ Government has a unique moral weightage as India’s backing has always been for the government which got elected through the democratic means.
Warm Reception in Maldives

The warmth that Maldives’ new establishment displayed in receiving Prime Minister Modi was clearly evident. As pictures convey the message more than words, here, we have reproduced the picture posted by the spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs.

In the speech of the new President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, India is reportedly the only country singled out for specific mention. The new President reiterated his country’s commitment to shaping a peaceful and prosperous Indian Ocean region along with India.

All these pictures and words conclusively expose the naysayers and their relentless campaign of false narratives on the India-Maldives relationship.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted the picture of the swearing-in ceremony where he seen with other dignitaries which captured the warmth of the moment.

Prime Minister’s office has also tweeted about it.

Managing a hostile condition in the neighborhood is not an overnight exercise. As it turns out, India finally has a favorable situation in Maldives. Therefore, the question now is that all those people who used the Maldives’ situation back then to run down the Indian Government, will find time to congratulate the Modi Government at a time when the Prime Minister himself is taking part in the swearing-in ceremony of Maldives’ new President?

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