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PM Modi Addresses Students of IIT Delhi at their Convocation Ceremony

On 7th of November 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a virtual address at the Convocation Ceremony of IIT Delhi.  Congratulating the students who are getting their degrees, he said that this was an auspicious occasion as the convocation coincided with the birthday of Nobel Prize winning physicist Sir CV Raman.

He spoke about variety of topics including on how technology is being leveraged to spur good governance in the country, AatmaNirbhar Bharat Campaign, major EoDB and Ease of living reforms undertaken in India and also gave some new-age wisdom to graduating students. Here are the key takeaways:

Innovation Spurs Self-Reliance
  • Before this, I also got an opportunity to attend the convocations of IIT Madras, IIT Bombay and IIT Guwahati in a similar way and at some places had the opportunity to go there. In all these places, I found this similarity that everywhere some innovation is taking place
  • This is a great force for the success of the Self-Reliant India Campaign. Covid-19 has taught one thing to the world. Globalization is important but Self-Reliance is also equally important
  • Self-Reliant India campaign is an important mission to provide many new opportunities to the youth of the country, technocrats and tech-enterprise leaders
  • Today the most favourable environment has been created so that they can freely implement and market their ideas and innovations
From Ease of Doing Business for Youth to Ease of Living for Poor
  • Today, India is committed to facilitate ease of doing business to its youths so that these youths can bring about change in the lives of the crores of countrymen through their innovations
  • The country will provide ease of doing business and all the arrangements. You do only one thing – provide ease of living to the poorest of the poor citizens through your mastery, talent, experience and innovations
  • For the first time, there are countless possibilities for innovation and new start-ups in the agriculture sector. For the first time, private investment avenues have opened in the space sector
  • There has also been a major reform for the ease of doing business in the BPO sector. The government has simplified and has removed almost all the restrictions regarding Other Service Provider (OSP) guidelines
  • Besides, many requirements, including bank guarantees, have been waived off for the BPO industries. Not only this, several laws which used to prevent the tech industry from work from home or work from anywhere have been done away with. This will make the IT sector globally competitive and will provide more opportunities to the young talent
  • So many facilities are being provided to Start-ups today from incubation to funding. A fund worth ₹10,000 crore has been earmarked for funding. Several facilities like tax exemption for three years, self-certifications and easy exit are being provided to the Start-ups
Technology Being Leveraged for Good Governance
  • Recently, the government has launched a new scheme in which technology is playing an important role. This is Svamitva yojana. Under this, residential and land property in villages are being mapped for the first time
  • Earlier, it could be done only through human interface. Therefore, doubts, partiality and apprehensions were also natural. You will be happy because you are from technology background that this mapping is being done in the villages through drone technology
  • Villagers are also fully satisfied with it which is being carried out with their support. This shows how much common citizens of India have faith in technology
  • There are several areas where a lot of work can be done – whether it is post disaster management during floods and cyclone, there should be effective technology how to maintain the ground water level, there should be solar power generation and technology related to battery, technology of telemedicine and remote surgery, Big data analysis, etc
PM Modi’s New Age Wisdom for Graduating Students
  • There are two things that will enhance your ability even more. One is flexibility. Other is humility. By flexibility, I refer to the possibility to: Stand out And, Fit in. At no point of your life must you shed your identity
  • Never be a ‘Lite Version’ of someone or something. Be the original version. Champion whatever values you believe in. At the same time, never hesitate from fitting into a team. Individual efforts have their limits. The way ahead lies in teamwork. Teamwork brings completeness
  • The second is humility. You must be right-fully proud of your success, your achievements. Very few people have done what you have. This should make you even more down to Earth