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India Welcomes Change – Compliance for Traffic Rules Increases

people following traffic rules

You may have come across two sets of people in the last 10 days. One, who are complaining about the revised fines for violation of traffic rules and two, who are praising the government for pushing the Indian drivers towards a behavioural change.

Even as the country continues to adjust with the new realities. The revised fines have pushed for better compliance after they have been brought into effect from September 01, 2019 through Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

This increased compliance can be seen through the increase in sale of helmets, car insurance policies, long queues for ‘Pollution Under Check’ certificates (PUC) and higher applications for driving licenses.

Long queues for getting the PUC certificates

Long queues lasting for about 10 hours have been reported at pollution checking centers to get PUC certificates.

Indian Express reported a senior Delhi transport department official saying more than 50,000 PUC certificates were issued on Saturday (September 07, 2019) — far more than the roughly 10,000 a day from previous months. The fine for PUC violations has been increased from earlier Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 now.

According to a Times Now report from Delhi, “Over 1.25 lakh vehicles turned up for pollution checks at around 950 centres across the city from September 1-3 and more than 84,000 ‘pollution under check’ (PUC) certificates were issued during this period.”

Sale of helmets gone up

After the news of heavy fines went viral, the sale of helmets has seen a sudden spike.

In Jalandhar, Dharam Lal, a shopkeeper, as reported by the Tribune, has said, “For the past 2-3 days his store is empty as the helmets, including branded and of local quality were sold in the last week of last month”.

Applications and renewals of driving licenses see a surge

Not only the sale of helmets have gone up, but the new and renewal applications for driving licenses have also started crowding the regional transport offices (RTOs) across the country.

In August 2019, a month before the rollout of the revised fines, about 1.81 lakh people reportedly approached RTOs in Tamil Nadu for driving license-related services. This is an increase of about 30 per cent over what was reported in August of 2018.

In Delhi, an official at the RTO in Sarai Kale, Delhi told News18 that “there has been a 20 per cent overall increase in the renewals.” A huge rush for learner’s license has also been reported across Delhi.

Sale of car insurance policy on the upward trajectory

Sajja Praveen Chowdary from, according to a report by Business Standard, has said, “Since the implementation of the amended Motor Vehicle Act, our online motor insurance sales has grown by more than 500 per cent in five days. We are now selling about 67,000 insurance policies per day on our platform. The share of policies being sold to consumers with lapsed plans has grown by nearly 50 per cent, as they look for protection against new penalties.”