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Digital Life Certificates at Doorstep: Jeevan Pramaan Eases the Lives of Senior Citizens and Pensioners

digital life certificates

The Modi government has unveiled another measure to ease the lives of Indian citizens during the pandemic, this time focused on pensioners and senior citizens.

Senior citizens can now generate and submit their digital life certificates at their doorstep itself ensuring they don’t have to venture out during the pandemic and putting their health at risk.


During November every year, pensioners from across the country had to visit Banks, Post office, LIC or EPFO to furnish life certificates to enable them to get their due pension the following year.

Observing the enormous difficulty that this was causing to the senior citizens, Modi government launched Jeevan Pramaan in 2014. This scheme enables hassle free acquisition of life certificate by pensioners by digitizing the whole process of securing the life certificate.

Jeevan Pramaan enables the pensioner to generate a Aadhar-based, biometric enabled digital life certificate using a software application which can be accessed by both pensioners and disbursal agency as and when they require.

By digitising the entire process of acquiring life certificate, need for old/infirm pensioners to physically present themselves before banks/post office to acquire life certificates has been eliminated.

3.9 Crore Pensioners Benefitted

Under Jeevan Pramaan, issuance of digital life certificates has benefitted 3.92 crore pensioners who can not only generate their life certificates easily but also safely and securely access them whenever they require.

Digital Life Certificate application is simple and easy to implement and leaves out the difficulties which the pensioners face in producing of life certificates every year. It also reduces the chances of wrongful disbursal of pension.

The pensioners can either generate digital life certificates on their own by visiting Jeevan Pramaan website or just visit any nearby Jeevan Pramaan centre like common service centres and designated banks where it will be generated for them.

Once the certificate is generated, the Pramaan ID is sent in a SMS to the pensioner. The Digital Life Certificate or the Jeevan Pramaan can also be electronically delivered to the Pension Disbursing Agencies and they can even access and view the Life Certificate on the Jeevan Pramaan website directly.

Protecting Pensioners and Senior Citizens in Times of Pandemic

Now the union government has gone ahead and said for both generation as well as delivery of digital life certificates to pension disbursing agency can be done at their doorstep by the postmen to ensure no pensioner has to take the risk of stepping out during the time of pandemic.

Department of Posts and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) have roped in the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) and utilised its huge network of postmen and Gramin Dak Sevaks in providing doorstep facility to pensioners for submission of life certificate digitally.

Pensioners can book doorstep request through app or government website. The certificate will be instantly generated with Pramaan ID sent to pensioners’ mobile.

The Life Certificate details will be automatically updated with the pension department. This doorstep delivery service can be accessed by senior citizens just at a nominal fee of Rs 70. This has come as huge relief to scores of pensioners who now don’t have to worry out to generate or deliver their life certificates.