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Life After CAB – The Stories of Joy and Facts to Fight the Negativity

parliament passed CAB

Amidst the opposition of Congress, TMC and some other political parties, the Modi government has become successful in ensuring that the Citizenship Amendment Bill get passed the test in the Parliament. We have explained in detail how this act will address the concerns of those who fled their places from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh in the fear of abduction and rape, forceful conversions and many such harrowing experiences on religious lines.

Nevertheless, some opinion-makers and politicians still continuing their efforts to stoke fear among the citizens over the amendments to the Citizenship act that was accepted by the Parliament. Some journalists are simply promoting ‘hearsay’ through their social media accounts to claim that the Muslim community is uncertain about their future in India, while in reality, the amendment has nothing to do with any community member who is already a citizen of India. Some have turned to ‘Northeast is burning’ narrative. In brief, if you are following certain media and certain sets of people, you may be getting an impression that everything is falling apart over the amendment to the citizenship act.

But here we bring you the picture of joy triggered by the historic decision of the Parliament.

There is also an indication that the unrest in the North-east region may soon be settled as the correct information begins to penetrate and the people there are assured that they will not be burdened with the influx of non-local people. In fact, PM Modi has already tweeted out that assurance.

Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Kumar Deb has already announced that the protesting groups over amendments to citizenship have withdrawn their indefinite strike after discussions.

Minister in the Assam govt and a well-known leader of the North-east region Himanta Biswa Sarma has factually rebutted the scaremongering by the likes of Rahul Gandhi, showing how the demography was changed in the region under Congress rule which actually delivered a massive blow to local culture.

Now let’s see some moment of joys which might have underplayed in the mainstream media.

ANI reported this heart-warming story of a Hindu woman living as a refugee in Delhi named her newborn ‘Nagarikta’ in celebration of the amendment to the citizenship act.

Deccan Herald reported at length how the refugees in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer have erupted into joyous celebration as they saw Lok Sabha passing the CAB on December 10.

ANI also captured the celebration among refugees in Delhi as the Rajya Sabha passed the CAB on November 11.

Here are some more reports:

ABP news has reported that the people from Sikh community who came from Afghanistan expressed joy after passing the of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in Rajya Sabha. It quoted them saying, “Despite living in India for thirty years, many difficulties were being faced. Now we will get freedom from stay visas, home, job, travel obstacles.”

The only way to counter all the negativities that have been pushed forward by certain section is to share more and more of these facts and experiences.