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Seven Accomplishments of Parliament Monsoon Session 2020

parliament monsoon session

The monsoon session of the Parliament for the year 2020 concluded on Wednesday. Tough it was slated originally till October 1, 2020, a decision to conclude early was taken after the transactions of essential business, considering the risk associated with the pandemic spread. In recent times, Parliament sessions have exhibited great productivity, and this session was no exception. Here we list the major accomplishments of the monsoon session.

  1. Productivity: The productivity of Lok Sabha was approx. 167% and that of Rajya Sabha was approx. 100.47% during the Monsoon Session, 2020. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha individually passed 25 Bills each. 27 Bills were passed by both the Houses of Parliament which is best ever rate of passage of Bills per day i.e. 2.7 Bills.
  2. Farmers freed from market restrictions: With the two bills passed in this session, farmers now have market access beyond APMCs and can sell their produce to anyone by entering into agreements with traders and companies. Apart from these, The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill, 2020 also helps to bring investments for storage and supply system that help both farmers and consumers preventing the wastage.
  3. Industry got strengthened with labour reforms: Three landmark Labour sector reform Bills were passed during the current session. These codes in addition to a code adopted earlier address the health, safety, and working conditions of laborers, provide social security, and makes the process of industrial dispute resolution easier.
  4. Securing depositors’ interests in cooperative banking: The Banking Regulation (Amendment)Bill, 2020proposes to expand RBI’s regulatory control over co-operative banks in terms of management, capital, audit and liquidation. This measure protects the interests of the depositors and brings professionalism to management of cooperative banks.
  5. Indian system of healthcare strengthened: The Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda Bill, 2020 proposes to merge three Ayurveda institutes to make one institution of National Importance. The National Commission for Indian System of Medicine Bill, 2020 provides for high quality medical professionals of Indian System of Medicine, deep research, and ensures redressal system. The National Commission for Homeopathy Bill, 2020 does the same in the sphere of Homeopathy education and research.
  6. Boosting security apparatus: Two bills, one for establishing the National Forensic Sciences University and another for establishing Rashtriya Raksha University, will greatly strengthen our criminal justice system and policing in the days to come.
  7. Lawmakers in mitigating the Corona effect on exchequer: The Salary, Allowance and Pensions of Members of Parliament (Amendment) Bill, 2020reduces the salary payable to Members of Parliament by 30% for a period of one year commencing April 1, 2020.  The Salaries and Allowances of Ministers (Amendment) Bill, 2020 reduces the sumptuary allowance payable to each Minister by thirty per cent for the same period.