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One Year of Ayushman Bharat – Beyond Statistics, These Smiles Tell a Story

one year of Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat has completed one year on September 23, 2019. One way to gauge its accomplishment is through numbers. 44.93 lakh beneficiaries have already availed benefits under the scheme, 10.41 crore e-cards have already been distributed with 16,027 hospitals empaneled across India. These numbers are indeed impressive but there is another way to understand what Ayushman Bharat has really achieved in just a year’s period.

You just need to look at some smiling faces that are benefitted from Ayushman Bharat. They belong to all age groups and many hues of economically weaker strata of society. Ayushman Bharat maybe just a year old. But it ended many years of pain of many people, in some cases, it resolved the pain of a person that was bothering for more than 20 years. More importantly, it has made private hospitals reachable for the poor. At a time when nurturing a child is an uphill task for even to the middle class family financially, Ayushman Bharat has taken care of the children from poor family in case of any health complications.

Let’s see some of those instances of Ayushman Bharat.

38-year-old Singari Samad had lived with a big tumor on his neck for 23 years. Only after Ayushman Bharat coming into the picture this poor soul got treatment. It was a very complex operation, but finally, Samad was able to get rid of the two-decade-old pain. In a way, it was a rebirth for him.

Source: Jagran

Krishna Rana is a lady farmer who hails from Himachal Pradesh. Her whole family ran into financial difficulty when she was diagnosed for gallstones in May 2018. Her family obtained a debt for her surgery but the operation turned out to be futile in the end. After the launch of Ayushman Bharat she opted for another round of surgery and this time gallstones were removed successfully without paying a rupee. The irony is that her family is still repaying the debt of first surgery, which tells you the difference Ayushman Bharat has brought to the lives of the poor.

Source: Coffee Table Book ‘Ayushman Bharat’

19-year old Seema from Aligarh was unable to walk for the last four years. Her parents who are labourers couldn’t afford the treatment that was estimated to cost Rs 2.5 lakh. Seema’s life was about to come to a standstill at such a tender age. Thanks to Ayushman Bharat, that it did not.

Source: Jagran

Even for people from the middle-class, it is a nightmare to get admitted to a hospital due to an ailment or an accident. Enduring pain is one thing but the financial implications are also severe at times. What if an accident knocks down a poor person? Ayushman Bharat came as a rescuer in such cases as well.

A report in ‘The Guardian’ from March 2019 narrates this story of one such beneficiary of Ayushman Bharat, Shah Mohmmed.

Source: The Guardian

For a family that earns Rs 6,000 per month, naturally, it is a jolt when their 4- year old daughter is diagnosed with a hole in the heart. But little Kajalnetra from Tamil Nadu was operated upon and she is ready to steal your heart with her jubilant look.

Source: Coffee Table Book ‘Ayushman Bharat’

Ayushman Bharat has given a new lease of life even before a life is born. Ranjit Pathak from Bihar had gone through scary days since there were complications in his wife’s pregnancy. Ayushman Bharat not only helped his wife at the time of delivery but also took care of the infant that faced health problems soon after birth.

We can go on and on narrating as many poignant stories of Ayushman Bharat’s beneficiaries. One may go through the pages of coffee table book Ayushman Bhava: 100 stories of Joy, Hope and Triumph published by the National Health Authority.

The smiles that Ayushman Bharat has able to bring just in a year are priceless. No statistics can capture them in their entirety.