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OFB Cartridge Bullets to US Civilian Market, Why You Can Hear More Such Positive News in Future

cartridge bullets

In a development that can bring pride for the Make in India Aatmanirbhar momentum, it is reported that the state-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) in Maharashtra will be exporting cartridge bullets to the civilian market of USA.

A report in The Indian Express noted that the 5.56*45 mm NATO MI93 Ball ammunition is an intermediate cartridge bullet, which means it is shorter than battle rifle cartridges but still has greater length than civilian or personal weapon cartridges.

Though this development is not linked to the military market of the US, it does indicate India’s capabilities that are building up in the defence sector. One can recall that India had shortage of bullet-proof jackets in the past. The Modi government ramped up the overall defence manufacture sector in India through various Make in India measures. As a result, India is now exporting bullet-proof jackets besides providing them to our soldiers.

OFB is often taunted for their inefficiency in delivery. The present government has decided to corporatize OFB to make them more efficient and professional. Corporatisation does not mean privatisation as the opposition many times tries to mislead. OFB will still be under the government control after corporatisation.

An empowered group of Ministers has been working on this direction with a revamped Terms of Reference (ToR) being developed. The ToR includes: Decision on conversion of OFB into a single Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSU) or as multiple DPSUs; Matters related to various categories of employees including protection of their salary and pension of existing employees; Financial support that may be provided to the entity/entities to make them economically viable and self-reliant; Grandfathering of orders already being executed by OFB or for which facilities created in OFB; Treatment for land assets of OFB.

With the corporatisation of OFB, they are expected to become more efficient and the news like the one about export of bullet cartridge may extend to all other products of OFBs.