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Nine National Highway Projects in Tripura Symbolize a Shift in the Image of Northeast India

Nine National Highway Projects in Tripura

Decades back when someone used to refer to any of the Northeastern states, the image that came to the mind arguably was that of blockades and violence. The Modi government with its development outreach has changed that image successfully, and connectivity initiatives have played a major role here. Continuing with that trend, Tripura witnessed the foundation laying ceremony for nine National Highway projects with a total length of nearly 262 kms worth over ₹2,752 crore.

These highways projects are significant as they facilitate faster connectivity for both inter-state movement and International transportation as the projects connect to Bangladesh.

On completion of these projects, Tripura sees a massive growth spurt, as they provide better connectivity, fast and safe movement of traffic to various tourist places, historical places and religious places in the entire State.

There are many socio-economic benefits that are expected for the state of Tripura with these projects. They are expected to generate employment for the unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled manpower of the region. Transport of agricultural goods and access to markets will also improve with the fruition of these highway projects in Tripura.

In a hilly terrain, it takes much more fuel compared to ordinary roads. Transportation of goods and services is usually difficult, causing goods to be expensive consequently. These nine National Highway Projects in Tripura will address all these issues besides creating easy and speedy access to health care and emergency services.

Few months ago, the container ship service from Kolkata to Agartala via Bangladesh started. Tripura is also selling excess power to Nepal. Thus, the states of Northeast have changed their image from violence-stuck region to connecting points of neighbouring state and places of trade and tourism.