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Is Farmers’ Protest Finding Resonance Among People? This Media Survey Offers A Perspective

The protesting groups of farmers are using all kind of pressure tactics, like urging people to disrespect, Prime Minister Modi’s radio talk. But is the silent majority rallying behind them? Or has a feeling among people come up now that the protesting groups are over-stretching their demand? According to a survey conducted by the News18 Network, the latter perception seems to have gained ground.

The survey was conducted across 22 states with more than 2,400 respondents. The survey found that overall support for the new laws across the country stood at 53.6 percent, while 30.6% don’t support the new laws, and 15.8% are not sure. What was significant to note was the finding that 56.59 percent of respondents believed it was time for the farmers to call off their protest.

The survey claimed that, except Punjab, most agrarian states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are strongly supporting the recent farm reforms, and believe that they are beneficial to farmers.

Here are the key findings of the survey.

  • 56.59% of respondents believe it is time for the protests to be called off.
  • 53.6% support the new farm reform laws. 30.6% don’t support. 15.8% are not sure.
  • 48.71% believe that the protests against the farm reform laws are politically motivated, 32.59% says there are not, 18.70% say they are not sure
  • 52.69% of respondents believe that the protesting farmers should not insist on repeal of the farm reform laws and must compromise
  • 60.90% believe farmers can get better prices under the new farm reform laws
  • 73.05% of respondents support reform and modernisation of Indian agriculture
  • 69.65% welcome farmers being given the choice to sell their produce outside APMC mandis
  • 53.94% support the government’s offer of a written assurance that MSP would continue
  • 66.71% of respondents disagree with the demand for withdrawal of the ordinance banning stubble burning

If at all the leaders of protesting groups and political entities believed that they could rake up the sentiments of people claiming that farmers are in danger, they should take a glance at this survey and perhaps introspect. If anyone thinks that Indians will support anything in the name of farmers, they should see the response to a poser on stubble burning.

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