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NDTV & The Wire Journalists Spread Fake News on CRPF Pension

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Even as the country mourns the sacrifice of its bravehearts, martyred in the dastardly Pulwama attack, some sections of media are wantonly spreading fake news and misinformation.

An NDTV editor (strategic affairs) Neeta Sharma tweeted the following. Also, a journalist from The Wire, Rohini Singh, too jumped in and retweeted.

In her tweet, she says that families of 75% of the Pulwama Martyrs (who are CRPF personnel) will not get pension. But, is it true that the martyrs of Pulwama attack will not get pension?

Here are the facts.

  • CRPF or Central Reserve Police Force is Central police which comes under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).
  • In 2004, all the central government employees including the CRPF have been shifted to a new pension system which is called the New Pension Scheme (NPS).
  • The New Pension Scheme is based on defined contribution system, both the central government and the employees including the CRPF personnel contribute to it. And, employees then get the pension post-retirement.
  • In case of martyrs, CRPF has its welfare policy also which can be checked here on their website. Here is the screenshot of this policy for the personnel who die on duty.

Thus, don’t fall for such fake news and misinformation campaigns about CRPF personnel or martyrs not getting pensions or financial assistance. Such fake news campaigns are being undertaken by certain sections of the media who seem intent on shamelessly exploiting the emotional outpouring of the country for their own political ends.

In yet another incident, even when receiving an award, Ravish Kumar of NDTV has tried to create that same false narrative that CRPF personnel are not getting their pension and that people should come forward and help them in this regard.

Speaking of NDTV, it had to suspend one of its editors after she was found to be brazenly celebrating the Pulwama terror attack. As for The Wire, we have already busted some fake news on a matter related to Pulwama terror attack by Rohini Singh in one of our earlier articles.

  • shiva

    Sorry sir but you are not giving true picture yourself…the old pension scheme gave guaranteed monthly pension to government employees till they expire but the new pension scheme is based on the contribution of the employees depending upon their years of service . The young crpf jawans with only few years of service would be left with nothing in name of pension as they hardly would have contributed 4 to 5 of nps fund… stop spreading wrong information. Atleast go into the details.