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Seven Glaring Instances Where Congress Proved Detrimental to the National Security

‘The world watched in shock as India suffered a major terrorist attack. Multiple blasts have taken place across the capital city leading to complete chaos and loss of lives and the counts may cross hundred…’. This could have been true, had it not been of the National Investigating Agency (NIA) carrying out search operations at 17 locations in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to arrest the terrorists and recover piles of explosive material, arms, and ammunition. It is the pre-emptive measures such as this which are making India safer. We have explained earlier that how India managed not to let any of its major cities come under terrorist attack in the last 4.5 years, though the major global cities like Paris, London, Berlin have come under attack during this period.

But all this while when India has been securing itself, what has been the attitude of the opposition Congress Party which coherently claims itself to be a better caretaker of the nation’s interest? What has been its attitude at present or when they were in power with regard to national security and fighting terrorism? Here we present to you the seven glaring instances where the Congress Party was proved to be detrimental to the national security.

Not a Word of Appreciation for NIA Operations

As explained above, NIA’s crackdown of the terror network which averted a series of attacks on National Capital. As the NIA official statement has revealed, that the seized items include 25 kgs of explosive material, such as Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Sulphur, Sugar material paste, 12 pistols, 150 rounds of live ammunition, 1 country- made rocket launcher, ISIS-related literature and a cash amount of Rs 7.5 lakh among other things.

However, neither the Congress Party nor its President Rahul Gandhi found out time to acknowledge this fact in their social media communication. But the same Congress and its Leaders were engaged in making fun of NIA in the past. Here are those instances.

Supporting J&K Terrorists

Ever since the Modi Government came to power at the Centre, containment of the terrorist activity in the valley is in full swing. The keenness of administration in cutting down the terror fund and hunting down the terrorists is evident, as explained in this article earlier.

However, the Congress Party has a completely opposite design that will scuttle this progress. Recently, the Congress Leader of the valley, Sagheer Saeed Khan has reportedly promised to free the jailed terror suspects and reward them with a cash amount of Rs 1 crore along with more jobs.

Supporting Naxals

When police arrested some ‘right activists’ in connection with Naxal links and Bhima Koregaon incident, Congress turned it into a freedom of expression issue indirectly helping the suspects who indulged in breaking India activities. In fact, UPA government in 2013 had submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court in which it categorically maintained that some academics and activists in the urban centres work for Maoists under the garb of human right activism. But the Congress Party took a U-turn in such an important national security matter just to score some political points. The apex court has let the police to investigate the matter which exposed the Congress hypocrisy.

Posing Hurdles for Security Framework

Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs has authorized 10 agencies to intercept suspected information on anyone’s computer. This move was conducive to avert any possible terror attacks and other threats to national security. Here also Rahul Gandhi-led Congress Party misinterpreted the order and attempted to create fear among common people. In reality, the government codified the procedures laid by the previous UPA Government so that only a competent authority can intercept any suspected information. However, Congress time and again proves that it has no hesitation to play a scaremongering game even if it involves national security.

Ridiculing the Surgical Strike

When the whole country felt proud about the surgical strike against Pakistan backed terrorists, Congress initially tried to instill doubt in the minds of people. But when they found that the popular sentiment is not with them, an effort was put to build a narrative that the Congress-led government also carried out surgical strikes without publicizing it much. However, the Directorate General of Military Operations of the Army (DGMO) has said that the Army does not have records of any surgical strike conducted before 2016. So, instead of taking pride in what the Indian army has achieved Rahul Gandhi chose to despise surgical strike on the political ground.

All these are the fresh instances of Congress undermining the national security. But even when the Party was at the helm of affairs, national security was evidently a political equation sort of thing for the Congress. Some instances prove this indifferent attitude of the Congress Party.

Mumbai Attack & Congress Invention of Hindu Terrorism

Instead of going out upfront against Pakistan that sponsored the Mumbai attack, immediately after 26/11, Congress Leader Digvijay Singh took part in the book release programme that tried to build the narrative that some Indian elements only have carried out the Mumbai terror attack. They said that RSS was behind the Mumbai attack. This was further reflected in a UPA policy also. Retired MHA official RVS Mani has written a book to describe how the UPA Government invented ‘Hindu-terror’ to safeguard the real perpetrators of terror.

Sonia & Rahul’s Attitude on the National Security

In 2008, two Indian Mujahideen terrorists were gunned down by Delhi Police, in which Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma martyred. At a later stage, a Minister in the UPA Government Salman Khurshid had publicly said that Sonia Gandhi cried over this incident, obviously for the death of two suspects.

Similarly, Rahul Gandhi also reportedly has this huge bias which is detrimental in shaping the national security policy. When the whole world united against the extremist networks such as ISIS and Al Qaeda Rahul Gandhi apparently thought ‘Hindu-Extremism’ is the biggest threat to India.

Thus, the question remains that how a political party with such biases, priorities and political considerations with regard to national security can serve the national interest?