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Congress Mouthpiece Spins Facts Yet Again on Rafale

National Herald Fake News Rafale

The National Herald newspaper, popular for the National Herald case in which Congress President Rahul Gandhi is out on bail, published a news titled ‘French order for Rafale suggests Modi Govt paid a lot more for a lot less.’ This news article quoting another report said that Modi government paid more than the French government for Rafale acquisitionBelow is an excerpt from the National Herald news.

 “To the acute discomfiture of the Government, reports emerged on Tuesday January 15 that the French Government had signed an agreement with Dassault, manufacturers of the Rafale fighter planes, for 28 Rafale planes at the cost of 2.3 billion Euros. The report has caused a furore in India because the Modi Government had signed with Dassault an agreement to pay 7.8 billion Euros for supply of 36 Rafale planes.”

The National Herald story also mentioned a tweet by Prashant Bhushan.

The above news with the tweet may mislead the readers to believe that the French government paid less than the Modi government to buy Rafale aircrafts and that too the improved version. But, is this true?

Here are the Facts
  • The report that National Herald newspaper and Prashant Bhushan were quoting said the following:

The €2 billion (U.S. $2.3 billion) sum mentioned in this article is for the development of the F4 standard for Rafale aircraft.

This means that Euro 2 Bn ($ 2.3 Bn) is not to buy the 28 aircrafts but only for the development (R&D) of the F4 standard for the Rafale aircraft. Thus, the facts in the story were twisted by both National Herald and Prashant Bhushan.

  • This was also confirmed by the French ambassador to India who tweeted the following.

French ambassador has set the records straight. He said,

  1. France didn’t announce any new Rafale Aircraft deal. The 28 aircrafts being referred to by National Herald and Prashant Bhushan are part of previous deals only.
  2. The amount of Euro 2 Bn ($ 2.3 Bn) is only to finance the development of the new F4 standard for Rafale Aircraft.

Possibly, the funding from the French government to Dassault for the development of advanced version of Rafale aircraft was twisted by Congress mouthpiece to be portrayed as the deal amount offered to the French government. This attempt is nothing new and part of a series of lies that Congress Party, its President Rahul Gandhi and their mouthpiece along with some fake news peddlers like Prashant Bhushan in the ecosystem are spreading to somehow paint a scam out of Rafale. This is despite the Supreme Court giving its go ahead to the Rafale deal by Modi Government.