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Narendra Modi Pays Tribute to India’s Iron Man on National Unity Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today paid tribute to Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel on his birth anniversary, which is also marked as the National Unity Day. Known for his painstaking effort in shaping modern India, his legacy has under the Narendra Modi government received due attention and merit with the Statue of Unity in Kevadia, Gujarat along with the various other attractions that the PM visited yesterday accompanying the Statue site.

The Prime Minister also delivered a message to the nation from the vicinity of the Statue, stressing on the contributions of Sardar and acknowledged the coincidental overlap of Valmiki Jayanti to highlight the cultural threads that unite India, which can be seen and felt to this day. The PM also commended India’s COVID warriors, and applauded them and the people’s will in combating the pandemic with exemplary bravery and fortitude.

The tone and tenor of condemning terrorism and admissions by terror harbouring nations also were unmissable, as the Prime Minister appealed to the world to rally and unite against the enemies of humanity in this moment of crisis to give a befitting reply without politicizing the issue for personal petty gains.

Here are the key takeaways of the PM’s Speech:

  • Today, the sea-plane service from Sardar Sarovar to Sabarmati River Front is also going to be launched. To see the statue of Sardar Saheb, the countrymen will now also have the option of a sea-plane service. All these efforts are going to increase tourism in this area.
  • It is a wonderful coincidence that today is also Valmiki Jayanti. The cultural unity of India that we see today, the India we experience, the vibrancy that we experience was a result of the work done by Adikavi Maharishi Valmiki centuries ago.
  • The COVID pandemic struck suddenly. It has affected human life all over the world, affecting our pace. But in the face of this epidemic, the way the country has proved its collective potential, its collective will is unprecedented.
  • Leaving behind the obstacles coming in the way of the development of Kashmir, the union territory is now moving on a new path of development. Moreover, be it the restoration of peace in the Northeast, or the steps being taken for the development of the Northeast, today the country is establishing new dimensions of unity.
  • The country has also seen the expansion of the Yagna to restore the cultural glory of India by Sardar Patel by rebuilding Somnath, in Ayodhya. Today, the country has witnessed the Supreme Court’s decision on the Ram temple, and is also seeing the grand Ram temple being built.
  • Only an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat can be confident of its progress as well as its security. Therefore, today the country is moving towards becoming self-sufficient in the field of defence and also changing its perspectives on borders.
  • Today, those eyeing the land of India are getting a befitting reply. Today’s India is building hundreds of kilometres of roads, dozens of bridges, many tunnels on the borders. Today’s India is fully ready to protect its sovereignty and honour.
  • In today’s environment, all the countries, all governments, and all religions need to unite against terrorism. Peace, brotherhood and mutual respect is the true identity of humanity, and no one can ever get welfare from terrorism and violence.
  • Recently, news has come from the neighbouring country, especially of the truth being accepted in the Parliament there, which has revealed the real faces of these people to the country. To what extent can these people go for their political interest Politics done after Pulwama attack is a great example is now for all to see.
  • We must always remember that serving the interests of all is the supreme interest that we must pursue. When we think of everyone’s interests, only then will we progress and develop.