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Myths Vs Reality: All You Wanted to Know About Farm Bills

myth vs reality

The Farm Bills bring in much needed agriculture market reforms, ushering in positive changes that were long-due. However, the political opposition is engaging in fear mongering on the issue. Several political leaders of the opposition parties have vested interests in the existing system which is by no means helping the farmers in the present day and age. To safeguard one’s own interests, people from the political class are spreading the fear claiming – “the bill will end Minimum Support Price to farmers”, “the move will push farmers to the mercy of big corporates”, “Farmers may lose their land to rich traders”, “It is the assault on the state governments” etc. We check each of these claims and put facts to the fore in a series of infographics to dispel these misgivings.

  • manoj tyagi

    Why chidambram opposing he can sell his cauliflower to Russia at exorbitant prices??