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A Mirror to Pak PM Imran Khan on Who Really is ‘Fascist’, ‘Majoritarian’

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At a time when Pakistan is openly spreading falsehood and scaremongering about India on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, there seems to be a little necessity of putting out some facts about Pakistan’s state of affairs in the Indian discourse. Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has resorted to high level of rhetoric that only suits for fringe elements. He termed the democratic government of India as Hitler’s regime and said India is turning into supremacist Hindu majoritarianism and what not.

Indians need not defend themselves against such frivolous comments but may use this opportunity to show mirror to Pakistan. All the phrases Pakistan using to insinuate India such as ‘human rights violation’, ‘fascism’, ‘majoritarianism’ etc, have been practiced by itself.

Atrocities Against Muhajirs

‘Muhajir’ Muslims are those people who left India in 1947 to Pakistan and mainly settled in the Sindh province. They have been facing ill-treatment in jobs, livelihood and in politics. Many prominent persons in this community are forced to leave Pakistan notwithstanding with Pakistan’s discrimination and they are very much vocal in airing their views abroad.



Pakistan’s Pashtun Problem

Whoever see Pakistan as one united block based on Islam gets it all wrong. There is simmering anger among many ethnicities in Pakistan against the establishment. Pakistan which ironically lectures India on freedom and human rights issues uses all its force to crush the voices of different tribes. The Pashtuns who live along the borders of Afghanistan are increasingly raising their voice against Pakistan. They claim that Pakistan military is killing the innocents from their community to score goal in the eyes of international community in its so-called war against terror.


The Missing Persons

The disappearance of persons from particular sect seems to be a normal in Pakistan’s affair. The Shia community in Karachi often sits in protest to demand government to act upon this excess. It would be better for Imran Khan to be answerable to such human rights situation domestically rather to play with India’s internal affairs. Here is a news repost from Pakistani media itself.

The Struggles of Balochis

The movement of people from Balochistan against Pakistan is well-documented one. Many activists in exile are fighting for Balochistan’s freedom from Pakistan. They blame that Pakistan only taps the resources from their land and in turn unleashes atrocities on its people without giving them representation in government and denying any sort of development in the region.


Suppression in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

People in POJK have often protested against the Pakistani establishment demanding freedom. Pakistan is exploiting the resources from here but the people have been denied of basic needs and there is no room to express their opinion. You may read our earlier article A National Discourse on POJK That Counters Propaganda War of Pakistan and It’s Proxy.


The Fate of Minorities in Pakistan

Before giving any suggestion on majoritarianism to India, Pakistan PM Imran Khan should reflect on this particular statistic offered by a Pakistani researcher herself. According Farahnaz Ispahani, media advisor to the president of Pakistan from 2008 to 2012 its minorities today constitute a mere 3-4% of the population down from 23% in 1947.



Opposition in Jail

What could be become more ironic than Imran Khan talking about freedom and democracy? All the prominent people from the opposition such as Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Shariff are put behind bars.



These are only sort of scratching the surface of Pakistan and its absolute disregard for human rights. You may read our earlier piece Is Pakistan Breaking from Within for a detailed view.

So, Pakistan PM should know whom to keep his sermons for.