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Meet Vyommitra – India’s First Space Travelling Robot


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Thursday unveiled its first robot by the name of Vyommitra or Friend of the Sky. The humanoid prototype will be sent before Gaganyaan goes with Astronauts of India for their first space mission.

In the run up to the first Human Space Mission by India at @isro … ‘Vyommitra’, the humanoid for #Gaganyaan unveiled. This prototype of humanoid will go as trial before Gaganyaan goes with Astronauts,” Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, tweeted, from the unveiling ceremony, as the seminar on “Human Spaceflight and Exploration – Present Challenges and Future Trends” was inaugurated on Wednesday in Bengaluru.

The prototype was programmed to introduce itself and specify the functions it is intended to perform. “I am the prototype of the half-humanoid being made for the Gaganyaan mission — I can monitor biological parameters, alert you and perform life support operations. I can make all activities like switch panel operation, functions, and more. I can also be your companion, converse with the astronauts, recognise them and can also respond to their queries,” it repeated before the eager audiences.

Monitoring module parameters, alerting astronauts and performing life support operations are among many functions it is capable of performing.

ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan announced at the seminar India’s plans to send two unmanned missions and recover them to test and prove India’s for the same before the actual manned mission is taken up.

Four potential astronauts, test pilots from the Indian Air Force, have also been shortlisted, and they will be sent to Russia for training by the end of January 2020. They would have to be put through a simulated environment of outer space, including being in the prototype of the crew capsule. ISRO also plans to set up a full-fledged astronaut training centre in Benglauru.