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Media Narrative on Khelo India App Launch is Fake

Khelo India

Misinformation is being spread that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy launching a mobile app when an Indian Pilot was in Pakistan’s custody.

But, the timelines of the events makes it clear that the PM Modi took part in the launch of ‘Khelo India’ mobile app launch programme much before the news of the Indian Airforce pilot’s detention in Pakistan had broken.

Here is a sample of the tweets which said that PM Modi should have refrained from the event considering the developments about our IAF pilot.




Did PM Modi go ahead with the programme even after knowing the plight of the IAF pilot? To answer this, see the twitter timeline of DD News live which had put out a ‘Live video’ of PM Modi entering the programme at 10.12 am.

Here is another tweet of the programme at 10.44 AM when the app was launched. Clearly the app launch would have happened even before 10:44 AM.

Pakistan claimed the custody of IAF pilot an hour after this PM Modi launched the app.

So, arguing that PM Modi should have postponed this programme to show concern for the happenings of IAF pilot seems grossly illogical and incorrect because PM Modi had already launched the app by the time this news came in. This is clearly a malicious and orchestrated narrative that seeks to attack PM Modi for political ends at a time when the whole nation is united.