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Mamata Banerjee Makes Bizarre Claims at Rally

bizarre claims

Mamata Bannerjee was caught lying again on January 15, 2020 at a rally in Kolkata, where she brazenly accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of driving out Bengalis from states it ruled, reported the Times of India.

Addressing an anti-citizenship law rally organised by TMC’s student wing, Ms. Bannerjee left no stone unturned to mislead the audiences on multiple issues in her typical fashion. “I am seeing that people from Bengal are being hounded out of states where BJP is in government,” she was heard saying to the audiences from the podium.

She fired even more bizarre theories about NRC and CAA from the stage, saying that CAA is meant to protect the foreign contributions of money to the BJP, based on which the government at the centre will grant citizenship to only its supporters.

“Even before the CAA rules have been framed, they are talking of 30,000 citizenship applications. Where have these come from? They (the applicants) are funding BJP.”

Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Act was adopted by the Parliament, Mamata Bannerjee has been protesting in rather unusual and bizarre ways. In one such rally she had exhorted the people on the dias and the audiences to shout CAA! CAA! chhi! chhi! to mock the Act and the government.  All this could not divert attention though from the violence and chaos that had descended across Bengal after her call for protests against the CAA, in which 78 trains, including 28 express trains, had to be cancelled by the South Eastern Railway, while around 39 trains were either rescheduled or diverted in the arterial Sealdah and Howrah sections.

Nero allegedly played the fiddle while Rome burnt. In this case, Mamata Bannerjee continues her antics, much to the people’s bemusement.

The West Bengal Chief Minister has a track record of making bizarre claims apparently to stoke local sentiments on various occasions. They hardly have any factual basis. These previous articles that have busted her claims from time to time may convince you.

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