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Indians Don’t Fret, Lockdown is A Global Reality & a Pathway to the Future

lockdown to contain corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday tweeted to urge people to take the lockdown seriously, as people in many parts where lockdown is announced were still conducting business as usual.

Ministry of Health has just now briefed that a complete lockdown has been announced in 19 states & UTs. Some parts of 6 states and union territories have been kept under lockdown.

To many people, it seems that the lockdown is an overkill. However, one needs to get rid of this wrong perception at the very least by looking at the other prominent countries of the world. Countries afflicted by the disease are left with no options but to lockdown cities to contain the spread of epidemic. The world has come to terms with the fact that only through social distancing the spread of the virus can be mitigated.

Unlike Indian states that go for Bandh and strikes at the drop of a hat, these countries are often regarded as disciplined. People in these countries are perceived to be more ‘liberal’. Nevertheless, these countries opted for lockdowns, forsaking all their commercial activities. Any resistance was met with strict warning from the authority.

UK- People Are Warned to Comply

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday warned that he would take tougher measures if people continue to defy the government’s direction of social distancing. This came after people spent their weekends gathering in large numbers on the banks of the River Thames.

Hong Kong – Tourists Not Welcome

Hong Kong which among other things, is known for travel and shopping has shut its doors for tourists, as it knows that spread of the epidemic will bring more economic and social distress.

The Other Examples

Germany has banned groupings of more than two people, while Spain is taking police action against people who defy lockdown rules and even threatened to bring out the army for it. The city of California in the US also imposed lockdown, while Italy is under a total lockdown.

Hence, it is time that Indians look at the hard reality that has emerged due to the outbreak of Corona virus, and follow the rules laid down in the regions that have come under lockdown. Certainly, nobody wants to see India to reach the uncontrollable stage in which some of the countries mentioned above are already in.