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Lifting of the Lockdown- Rahul Gandhi Takes on Rahul Gandhi

lifting of the lockdown

Rahul Gandhi on May 26, 2020 addressed a press conference, and just as he did in his prior appearances during the ongoing Corona crisis, he chose to spread some falsehoods.

Firstly, Rahul Gandhi questioned the government over relaxing the lockdown. This is the same Rahul Gandhi, who, a few days earlier had raised the demand for lifting the lockdown gradually so that the economy can get a breather.

Rahul Now

Rahul – Just 10 Days Ago

While brazenly carrying on with this flipflop, Rahul Gandhi also looks away from the fact that, in the earlier instances, the Congress-ruled states like Punjab and Maharashtra have extended the lockdown even before the Centre came out with the announcement.

Secondly, Rahul Gandhi declares that the Lockdown has failed and not brought any result that the Prime Minister wanted.

  • India has about 0.2 deaths per lakh population. The world average stands at 4.1 deaths per lakh population.
  • Testing capacity has increased from few thousands per day to 1 lakh a day. Labs have increased from 1 in January 2020 to more than 600 now.
  • The domestic manufacturing of PPEs and masks increased from a near zero to 3 lakh per day now.
  • The World Health Organisation said that India’s lockdown was early far-sighted and courageous.
  • Ministry of Statistics & Indian Statistical Institute study found around 20 lakh virus cases, 54,000 deaths were averted due to lockdown. As per another model, lockdown saved between 1.2-2.1 lakh lives, number of Covid-19 cases averted is between 36-70 lakh.

So it is more than obvious that the lockdown has helped India to ramp up its medical infrastructure and save lives in the initial stage.

The What Next Question of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi demanded from the government to explain the next stage of the lockdown. His question came in too late, as in the fourth stage of the lockdown itself the Central government laid down only broader frameworks, letting the States to decide further on their own. The respective state governments have come up with their individual of guidelines after May 18, 2020.

But as soon as the responsibility of the Congress run state governments comes to the fore, Rahul Gandhi is eager to wash his hands off.

Asked upon the Maharashtra government’s inability to control the spread of the virus, Rahul was quick to say that they are just supporting the government. Ten Congress MLAs are serving as ministers in the Uddhav government, yet Rahul Gandhi maintains that they are not the decision makers.

Congress apparently did nothing to take care of laborers in Rajasthan and they were forced to return to Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi in a way blasted his own statement that was made some ten days ago and exhibited that he can only criticize but can’t take any responsibility in the fight against Corona, even if the local government in many cases belongs to his party.