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Here We Go Again! The Lies on Modi, Busted For the Nth Time

Every once in a while, we have a clever by half illiberal coming up with arguments to bring down the castles of Modi. Their fancy yet repeatedly busted claims make us want to repeat the famous soul singer Ray Charles track “Here We Go Again!” given how there seems to be no end to throwing muck without reason using a silvery tongue. Let us look at the recent one that has made waves.

Modi took birth twice – first on 29th August 1949 (on his degree) and second on 17th September 1950 (available in public domain).

I wonder if the illiberals ever interacted with the generation of their parents, who are most likely in their early sixties now. This difference in birth dates is a very common phenomenon. Every other person has an official and an actual birth date, especially those born up to 1980. The primary driver behind it was schooling admission processes – the minimum age and the concern that the child did not fall back behind by one year were what drove this decision by our grandparents. So perhaps we should blame an entire generation of Indians should for this transgression.

Modi, who was born in 1950, sold tea at the age of 6 years in Vadnagar railway station, But Vadnagar only had tracks passing through it. The actual railway station was built in 1973, when Modi was 23 years old.

Sometimes, history and fact are not friends with people who think they are clever. In the 2005 book Shaping Of Modern Gujarat: Plurality, Hindutva and Beyond by Achyut Yagnik, one can see that a railway halt was sanctioned at Vadnagar on 21st March 1887 by the British Indian government. A railway line was line between Mehsana and Randala, Visnagar, Vadnagar and extended to Kheralu in 1888.

However, facts must not come in the way of a good lie for some. Extremely saddening.

Modi was underground during emergency but did his graduation from Delhi University in 1978.

This statement has been discussed so many times now that we had hoped that this would not have been raised. But let’s talk about it once again.

University of Delhi has clarified in 2016 itself that the PM’s records have been maintained by the University, and that he cleared his BA exams from the University in 1978 and was awarded the degree in 1979. This has been an established fact since 2016, after Aam Aadmi Party tried to create a storm in a tea cup. Even after the Registrar of the university vouching for the authenticity of the degrees, we have this discussion. And yet, facts are inconvenient to the new born illiberals.

Modi did Masters of Entire Political Science from Gujarat University in 1983 without the graduation certificate from Delhi University.

Gujarat University has clarified in 2016 itself that Modi did his MA as an external candidate, and secured 237 out of 400 marks in MA first year, and 262 out of 400 marks in MA second year. To that end, Gujarat University produced a mark sheet that showed he had scored 62.3 per cent in M.A. in political science as an external candidate in 1983. But let us NOT stumble over facts to build a fake narrative.

Modi is the only person in the world who has Masters’ Degree in the Entire Political Science. Even Professors of Gujarat University came to know of this course after 2014.

So, what was the point of this again?

Modi took admission in the Masters’ of Entire Political Science degree alone, gave the exam alone, and took the degree alone. So far, no student or professor has claimed to have studied with Modi.

A good narrative demands that we put aside facts and logic of all kinds before we indulge in chicanery of the silliest kind.

Even before the introduction of computers in India, Modi’s degree was printed by a computer. Before Modi’s degree in 1978 and even 10 years thereafter, degrees were hand written by the University staff.

These are duplicate copies issued fresh by University, clearly mentioned on Certificate. Any duplicate copy in today’s day and age will be printed, unless of course computers disappear magically in the same vein as facts have disappeared from this narrative.

The font that was patented by Microsoft in 1992, was used to print Modi’s degree in 1978.
Modi’ degree was printed on a Sunday, when offices were closed.

Well of course, if a computer print takes place it WILL have fonts that were patented by Microsoft in 1992. Unless of course we could time travel and patent fonts (and perhaps the senselessness) in 1887, when the Vadnagar rail line came up. As mentioned earlier, these are duplicate copies issued afresh by the University, which has been clearly mentioned on the certificate.

While fact checks are necessary, we really wish we had not indulged in this one. We can check facts, not rank inanity all the time. Since people are still engaging in diatribes of this kind, we are compelled to sing – Here We Go Again!