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Modi Government Combats Naxalism to make India Secure and Safe

increased elimination of Naxalites

Left Wing Extremism, the official terminology used to denote Naxalism/Maoism and its various strands, has taken a big hit in India as the iron will of Narendra Modi led government is eliminating the grave security challenge.

Accepted by former PM Manmohan Singh as the biggest challenge to the nation, Narendra Modi government is ensuring this biggest challenge doesn’t remain so. The increased focus on effective policing and development is showing results in reduced Naxal incidents.

In a reply to a question in Lok Sabha, the government declared the fall in Naxal activities since 2017.

  • Instances of Left Wing Extremism have reduced 26% since 2017
  • Data reveals that only 670 instances were recorded in 2019, down from 908 in 2017
  • Ensuring safety to people inhabiting the red corridor, the civilian deaths reduced from 188 in 2017 to 152 in 2019
  • More than 5,000 Maoists have been arrested and over 500 eliminated since 2017

The impact is due to the various steps taken by the Modi government. A zero tolerance policy towards Naxalism has resulted in increased elimination of Naxalites and improved the number of arrest of top commanders. The government has also given a liberal hand to the surrendered Naxalites and helped in their rehabilitation.

The government also has tackled urban Naxalism with full force with multiple arrests of “activists” and “intellectuals” who acted as the front of Naxalites. The prosecution is ongoing in the courts.

On the development front, the government has focused on building basic infra of roads, power and mobile towers to ensure Naxal affected districts don’t remain remote. The Road Requirement Plan is being implemented to build roads connecting remote tribal villages. Under the Universal Service Obligation Fund, mobile towers are being erected to ensure seamless mobile and internet connectivity. ROSHNI, a scheme for skill development of youth is being implemented to train the tribal youth in local crafts and modern skills.

The result is clear. 44 districts were removed from the list of Naxal affected tag, reducing the list to 30 districts only. The number was 126 a few years ago. The numbers speak for themselves. The Modi government has been successful in giving a body blow to the longest extremist movement in India. After all, it’s the will that matters.