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The ‘Land’ of Haryana tells you a story of change

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Haryana government in last 5 years have brought structural changes in the mode of governance. Under the previous regimes, there were multiple land scams and corruption cases in regard to the recruitment of government employees. But under the Khattar regime, situation seems to be changing.

From transparency in land records to abolishing archaic policies like Lal Dora, incumbent government has brought policy measures which are benefitting the people of Haryana.

Talking about Lal Dora, it was a system of arrangement under British where villagers could build houses without any legal backing to claim and even set up establishments without permission. In Lal Dora, no registry was required for houses or land in Lal Dora.

Haryana government has put an end to this practice. Now, people will be able to get their properties registered. This comes as a major relief to people of villages, now the property could be registered besides maintaining their revenue records.

Talking about maintaining transparency in land purchases the Haryana government had launched eBhoomi Portal Haryana to ensure the transparency in land deals in the State. Through this online portal government can sell their lands without any hassles. The portal will also provide ease to the landowners in selling their lands to the state government.

Also, the incumbent Haryana government has taken effective steps for keeping a check on corruption in Change of Land Use (CLU) cases which was rampant in the previous Congress government.

The controversy around the Robert Vadra-DLF CLU land deal is the biggest one. Under the previous congress government, the chief minister had taken away all the powers to issue CLU and license of colonies which were vested with Director, Town and Country Planning Department. The same has been reversed by the present government.

With a new policy in place, applications will be invited and license and CLU will be given, through open auction also, in limited numbers.

Haryana government has also put an end to the disputes arising regarding flats  and plots coming under the purview of group housing societies and house building societies by making the numbers online. Now an interested customer can enquire about the houses on the portal

To resolve disputes between homebuyers and developers, Haryana Government has set up two Real Estate Regulatory Authorities, one for the district Gurugram and another for Haryana as a whole which is called HARERA. This was done considering protecting the interest of homebuyers. HARERA will be an institutional mechanism to make the transactions between homebuyers and real estate developers transparent and to settle disputes between them judiciously and expeditiously.

The incumbent government has taken measures (mentioned above) to make Haryana graft free when it comes to land deals. These initiatives will go a long way in making Haryana a better state which is corruption free.