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Funding of Private Academies – How This Khelo India Initiative Aims to Harvest Sport Talents

funding of private academies

Among the spheres that India needs to significantly up the game on the global platforms is sports. In recent decades, the medal tally India is reaching has been improving, but still low by international standards. The Modi government has brought-in many reforms to change the situation. There has been a great impetus on infrastructure building in the domain of sports and a systematic instrument for the local talents to shine in the global platforms exists through Khelo India initiative. Now, the government has found yet another way to promote sports by extending monetary support to 500 private academies, through the Khelo India Scheme over the next four years starting FY 2020-21.

The Importance of Supporting Private Academies

Whenever an individual scripts a success story by winning medals on international platforms, many times that accomplishment is supported by private academies or the mentorship of some individuals at the local level. For instance, along with the success story of PV Sindhu, you will certainly hear about the role of Gopichand Badminton Academy in shaping her career. This is just an example. There are villages in India that are famous for training wrestlers and individuals and academies are behind shaping the talents in shooting and other kinds of sports as well.

When such an ecosystem is already built, it is a wise thing for the government to support an already existing system by acknowledging the able bodies and support them. That is what this funding of private academies expected to achieve.

How It Works

According to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, private academies shall be graded into different categories based on quality achievement of players trained by the academy, level of coaches available at the academy, quality of Field of Play and allied infrastructure, availability of sports science facilities and staff. The 14 priority disciplines identified for excellence in 2028 Olympics will be eligible for receiving support in the first phase.

Sports Authority of India (SAI) and National Sports Federation (NSF) will be working together in this scheme. The number of academies to be funded and the quantum of funding under each discipline will be determined by an objective evaluation of the need for investment and each NSF’s capabilities to leverage the incentivisation model and promote excellence in Olympics in their respective discipline.  There will be a special focus on developing sports science facilities at all the academies to improve the overall quality of training.

Through the funding of private academies, the government can ensure that talents from remote places of India can get an opportunity to eventually shine at the national and international level. Since the chance of getting funds is decided by the performance of talents trained under that particular academy, there will be a competitiveness among the academies to bring and nurture deserving and talented individuals.

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