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Is Kerala Government Doing a ‘Rahul Gandhi’ – Lying Habitually?

Kerala Sabarimala Affidavit Fake

Kerala government in its affidavit filed on January 18, 2019, claimed that 51 women in their menstrual age entered the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala.

However, as soon as the affidavit was submitted, many media houses fact-checked the names of the people who entered the temple as claimed by the Kerala government.

Times Now News

In its report, Times Now found many discrepancies in the list of people claimed by Kerala government to have entered the Sabarimala Temple. In one such glaring instance, it reported that one woman by name Deivasigamani as claimed by the Kerala government is not a woman but actually a man. Watch the video below by Times Now to know all other discrepancies.

The Week Magazine

An investigation by The Week revealed a different story. Here is what, it said in its report.

“In short, at least 10 of the 51 women the Kerala government claimed had entered Sabarimala had either not done so or were above 50. The government affidavit has shown the ages of all the 51 women as below 50.”

The investigations by different media houses found the claim of Kerala government on 51 women entering Sabarimala temple in Supreme Court to be false. So, was it another hoax? Or did the Kerala government misrepresent their ages as above 50?

We, in two earlier instances, have also covered as to how the Kerala government has tried to mislead the people by twisting facts.

1. Kerala floods

The Kerala government went to Supreme court saying that Mullaperiyar dam (located in the state of Kerala but managed by Tamil Nadu government) was the reason behind the floods in Kerala and tried shifting the blame to the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu for the disaster in the state.

Kerala Government in its affidavit to the supreme court as reported by The Hindu said, water from the Mullaperiyar reservoir was “suddenly discharged by opening all the 13 shutters to Idukki downstream at 2.40 a.m. on August 15. Around 9,000 cusecs of water was let out between 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 21,450 cusecs at 2 p.m. on August 15. The sudden releases from the Mullaperiyar dam forced us (Kerala) to release more water from the Idukki reservoir.”

However, in our article, we have explained how there were many factors which were responsible for Kerala floods and why many technical and administrative lapses on the part of Kerala government led to such a mishap.

2. Central government ‘sent a bill’ for airlifting during Kerala floods

On the issue of Controller of Defence Accounts ‘sending a bill’ to the state government for airlifting services during Kerala floods, NDTV in its report quoted Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan saying that “This bill should be seen as been sent by the central government.”

However, in our article, we busted this misleading statement of the Kerala CM as well as the misleading media coverage of the issue.

  • The controller of Defence Accounts is mandated by rules to recover the cost of its services. And, this is a standard protocol of Defence accounting which is being followed uniformly in the entire country.
  • Most importantly, Controller of Defence Accounts charges similarly to other ministries of the central government or other state governments also for such operations. Therefore, Kerala is not being singled out in this case.

So, in these cases, the state government twisted the facts to either shift the blame on another state or malign the image of the central government. Importantly, the Kerala government could even have lied to the Supreme Court in at least two instances above. With this, we leave this on readers to decide whether Kerala government is trying to do Rahul Gandhi by lying habitually (as he had done in the case of Rafale and many other issues).