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The Kashmiri Apple is Showing Who is Protector and Who is Destroyer in J&K!

Kashmiri apple

If at all you are buying the argument that it is the restriction from Indian government that is affecting the life of Kashmiris in a few parts of the valley, then you need to be briefed about certain facts.

Before you look at series of facts that tell you who is playing the protector and who is the destroyer in the valley, the Kashmiri apple may answer your query in simple terms. Among many disruptions by the terrorists, attack on the apple farmers and fruit sellers to take away their livelihood is the main concern in the Valley. This report says that the terrorists have burnt apples worth Rs 3-4 lakhs on September 12.

Now read another report. The Centre has decided to directly buy around 13 lakh metric tonnes of apples from apple growers in Jammu and Kashmir under the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme. The move reportedly came after apple growers from the Valley met Union Home Minister Amit Shah and expressed concerns over losses due to movement curbs.

There is a clear emerging picture: While the Indian administration is putting all its efforts to bring normalcy in the few tensed areas of the valley, it is the terrorists supported by Pakistan and some separatists within the country who are posing a threat to normalcy.

Previously we have presented the true picture of the Valley in our articles The Other Side of Kashmir – Missed or Untold? , and How the Fast-paced Elimination of Terrorists in Kashmir is Promising Normalcy. In our relentless pursuit to present the true picture of the valley, here we present another set of facts based on news reports.

Pak and the terrorists causing harm to human rights and normalcy

The shelling and firing from the Pakistan from other side of the border amply indicate that their effort is to facilitate the infiltrators to enter into Indian side besides endangering the lives of people living along the border. A largely reported incident of Pakistani force raising a white flag to retrieve their soldiers body suggest that they are hell-bent on entering India to create havoc.

Joining Pakistanis in such misadventure of disturbing the peace are the terrorists. All the hurdles in the valley that have made the lives of common people miserable emerged from the threat calls from the terrorists and not of any government restrictions. See the instances below:

When people want to return to normal life, these terrorist forces are targeting fruit-sellers and public property.

The terrorists have attacked civilians who want return to normalcy and earn their livelihood. Indian security forces have eliminated those who responsible for the below act within a week.

What the Indian administration is doing with the lives of Kashmiris

The efforts that are taking place in the Valley by Indian administration presents the exact opposite picture to what the terrorists are doing.

Terrorists are targeting fruit-sellers while the government is ensuring attractive price for Kashmiri apple fruit farmers.

While the Pakistani army is busy sending infiltrators and shelling at civilians, Indian army is playing the role of rescuer.

Aim of the terrorists is to disrupt the lives and the government is taking the governance to grassroots through village Sarpanches.

Lives and the human rights of civilians in the valley are threatened by terrorists, while the security forces are busy ensuring people’s safety. Below reports reflect this fact.



The development works never halted in the region as the government is interacting with the Sarpanches of Jammu and Kashmir and made them the major agents of change in the Valley. In early September, Home Minister Amit Shah had an interaction with the administrators at the grassroots and assured of providing ₹2 lakh life insurance cover to each panch and sarpanch in the newly-created Union Territory. On September 12, Union Minister Jitendra Singh had interaction with few Sarpanches from Jammu and Kashmir.

All these news snippets make the thing clear about who is the protector and who is the destroyer in the valley.