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Rahul Gandhi’s Hypocrisy Exposed in Karnataka: State Government Hiked the Petrol & Diesel Prices

Fuel Price Hike

Before coming to power in Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi during the election campaign led a bicycle rally in Kolar district of Karnataka protesting against the rising petrol and diesel prices.

Not only Rahul Gandhi led the protest in Karnataka but also threw a ‘fuel challenge’ to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reduce the fuel prices.

Congress President was so high on this rhetoric of rising fuel prices that he forced a Bharat Bandh on the country.

But Now the Hypocrisy of Rahul Gandhi is Exposed

Once his own party Congress, in an opportunistic alliance with Janata Dal Secular (JDS), formed the government in Karnataka, it hiked the taxes on petroleum products leading to a steep rise in prices of diesel and petrol.

Tax rates on petrol and diesel in Karnataka:

So, Congress President Rahul Gandhi protests against rise in fuel prices before elections, but increases them right after the election is won – is truly hypocritical.

Interestingly, Congress’ hunger to come back to power has now increased to such an extent that Rahul Gandhi often takes brazen U-turns in different Indian states. For Instance, in Telangana, during assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi in Party’s manifesto reportedly announced to bring down the fuel rates.

So, he leads the protest against the rising fuel prices at a national level, increases them in one state and promises to reduce them in another state. There are many U-turns taken by Rahul Gandhi that it is becoming increasingly complex to understand as to what exactly he wants to do!