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Is Karnataka on the Path to the ‘Double Engine of Development’?

double engine development

After taking oath as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa of BJP has made two major announcements. One is to provide Rs 4,000 under PM Kisan in addition to Rs 6,000 by the center in three installments. Another is to waive the loans of weaver community of the state which stands at Rs 100 crore as on March 2019.

To begin with, how it makes a difference from the previous dispensation in Karnataka can be understood by the two following headlines.

Under JDS-Congress government:

Now, BSY as the Chief Minister:

What Does this Change Mean for Governance?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speeches has often used a phrase ‘double engine of development’, advocating that if the governments with same priorities are both in the state and the Centre, there is obvious synergy. When Karnataka had a BJP government last time, UPA headed by the Congress which was at the Centre. Now, the Centre has Modi-led BJP government with a huge popular mandate for the second term and Karnataka is seeing the return of BS Yediyurappa at the helm. This is raising the high hopes in governance.

Setting the Priorities Right

The initial decisions of BSY (as he is popularly known) may remind you the beginning of Modi 2.0 government. While its first decision was for the security force who protect the nation, subsequent decisions have taken care of farmers and workers. As promised in the BJP manifesto, PM KISAN has been extended to benefit all farmers benefitting 14.5 crore farmers. Similarly, BJP in its manifesto had promised a pension scheme to cover all the shop keepers. It has also been cleared in the first meeting of the Cabinet benefitting 3 crore people. The scheme will cover all shop keepers and traders who have a turnover below Rs 1.5 crore.

It is true that CM BS Yediyurappa is yet to prove his majority on the floor of the House. But the initial announcements he made, putting the farmers and the workers on top on the lines of Modi government at the Centre are promising a synergy and complementary path of the State and Central governments for the development of Karnataka.

The Lacking Part of Governance in Karnataka

It is not that the same political party should be in power both in the state and the Centre for the development of any states. But the intentions and priorities should be in tandem as we can see in the instance of Odisha. Both BJP and BJD fought against each other in the elections. Even when the elections were going on, Prime Minister Modi did not hold back from praising Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for managing the situation aroused due to Cyclone Fani. The CM of Odisha also wholeheartedly had praised the Modi government for the assistance in tackling the situation.

But, the Karnataka government under JDS-Congress alliance were seemingly busy in internal bickering that had put the governance of the state on back-burner. Our previous article Congress-JD(S) Govt – Destined to Fall Even Before it was Formed presents you the picture of the internal conflicts of the coalition, while the article Chaotic Coalition in Karnataka Government explains how the governance was crippled under their rule.

The previous government had neither shown urgency in assisting the Centre in implementing PM Kisan nor in the proper implementation of its own loan-waiver promise to the farmers.

With the chaotic coalition out, Karnataka may heave a sigh of relief as far as governance is concerned.