June 21, 2021: Decisive Turn in India’s COVID Vaccination Drive

While few opposition leaders and opinion makers attempted to make the record 90 lakh doses administered to Indians on 21st of June as a one-off event, data shows that it is a decisive turn in India’s vaccination drive. Post 21st of June, all days have recorded 50 lakh+ vaccine doses primarily because of meticulous planning of the Modi Government to scale up vaccination production and orders to ensure adequate supply is available to all.

Record 4 Crore Doses Administered in 1 Week

From 21th of June (Monday), free vaccination for all aged above 18 had been enabled by Modi government. In the span of 1 week since then, 4.13 crore vaccine doses have been administered to Indians.

Day Doses Administered (Lakhs)
Monday 90.86
Tuesday 54.22
Wednesday 64.83
Thursday 60. 73
Friday 61.20
Saturday 64.19
Sunday 17.15
Total 413.22

Consistently 50 lakh+ vaccine doses have administered throughout India, each day of the week gone by. If 90 lakh doses vaccinated on 21st of June was a one-off event, then post that there should have been massive shortages but as the figures show, vaccination continued at a brisk pace even after 21st.

In fact even after administering 4 crore vaccines last week, more than 78.44 lakh balance and unutilized COVID-19 vaccine doses are available with the States/UTs.

Furthermore, 15.18 lakh vaccine doses are in the pipeline and will be received by the States/UTs within the next 3 days.

More than 31.83 crore vaccine doses have been provided by Government of India to States/UTs so far.

Meticulous Planning by Modi Government Enables Rapid Vaccination

For the past one month, vaccinations in India have been increasing at faster scale every week; from 1.4 crore doses vaccinated between 22-28 May to 2.08 crore doses vaccinated between 5-11 June to 3.97 crore doses vaccinated between 19-25 June.

India has been able to scale up vaccination because of the proactive way in which Modi Government had  ordered 16 crore doses of vaccine for delivery during May, June and July of this year.

This proactive planning by Modi government to order vaccines and enabling up of large number of vaccination sites has enabled vaccination week by week increase in vaccinations at a steady pace. The Modi Government has ordered enough vaccines to vaccinate all adults in India by year end.

Another Milestone: India Overtakes USA

After administering 4 crore doses last week, we achieved another milestone yesterday by overtaking the total number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered by United States of America.

As of 11 AM, 28th of June, India had administered 323.66 million doses of vaccines overtaking the 323.33 million doses administered by United States.

It must be noted here that India began its vaccination drive an entire month after the US had stated its vaccination drive.