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Is Govt Not Doing Enough to Create Job Opportunities? Check These Instances

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At a time when there has been a consistent effort from the opposition to paint that everything related to the economy and job creation is in doldrums, there have been news from time to time that counters this negative narrative. Our earlier articles Read Too Much Doomsday Commentary on Economy? Now Read This and No, Rural Consumption is Not Falling. Don’t Fall for Such Headlines are some of the examples which have busted the negative narratives with examples and facts. Also, the fact that Indians are traveling more and more in the recent past and the growth of tourism industry partially rebutted this economic distress claims.

Railways as the Job Provider

The fact is that a lot has been happening on the front of the economy and easing the lives of people by providing them with opportunities. A reply in Rajya Sabha by the Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal exhibits how Railways is creating job opportunities.

It had notified for 1.41 lakh vacancies for various Group ‘C’ posts (including Level-1) in 2018. As on November 14, 2019, panels of around 73,500 candidates have already been supplied to Indenting Railways.

Another four CENs (Centralized Employment Notifications) for around 1.43 lakh additional vacancies have also been notified.

Further, for around 10,000 vacancies of Sub-Inspectors and Constables in various Railway protection forces, three CENs have been issued in 2018 and recruitment for the same has been completed.

A total of about 2.94 lakh vacancies for various Group ‘C’ posts (including Level-1) have been notified in years 2018 & 2019.

Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship

A recent government survey has said that the loans availed through the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) led to a 28 percent rise in jobs generated by establishments that had taken benefit of the scheme.

More than a crore jobs were created under the scheme. According to the survey, a total of 11.2 million new jobs, 55 percent of which accounted for self-employment, were created through Mudra loans between 2015 and 2018.

Technology A New Game

In the changing times, judging the performance of government only through the traditional government jobs is no longer relevant. For example, a significant portion of the youth of today want an eco-system where they can innovate and sell something of their own product. Through the Start Up India initiative, government is supporting such aspirations.

While fact-checking the wrong claims of Congress on start up scene, we highlighted in our previous articles the many major progress that had already taken on this front. In 2013, a report by YourStory said that the total investment start ups received was $1.3 billion. Whereas, just the first six months of 2019, a record investment of over $3.9 billion flowed into Indian start ups. Just half year of 2019 saw more investment of more than double that of 2013. Read more in our earlier article After Parle G and Automobiles, Congress Pushes False Picture on Start Up Eco-System.

Moreover, in another noteworthy trend, the government has been encouraging the start ups to take part in its governance through start up challenges. The trend which is in its initial stages may evolve as a major model of government offering jobs in a whole different context in the days to come.

Recently, the government had thrown a grand start up challenge under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. It was a call to action for the Indian start-up community to generate cutting-edge solutions for supporting the National Health Authority towards more effective implementation of Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY). The final winners will be connected with the State Governments to explore opportunities for adoption and deployment in the field.

Similar efforts have been taken in the past also by the Modi government which not only give an employment opportunity for new-age techies and innovators but also an opportunity to design New India in line with the challenges of this new age.

See how the defence sector has created this new form of opportunity.

These instances show that, amidst all the narrative pushing of the opposition over job loss and economic distress, the government is keeping pace in providing opportunities to people both in traditional and new age avenues. Its policy and actions in various sector like infrastructure are also creating jobs.

Perhaps, there is a need to look at jobs and market in the light of new realities that are different from the traditional definitions.