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JEE Test in Gujarati Only? Is Mamata Banerjee Stoking Regional Sentiments by Stating Half-truths?

JEE test

When West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked why only Gujarati language is allowed in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) to engineering colleges across the country, many may have felt the question was genuine. Perhaps, harping on this sentiment, CM Mamata tried to evoke a narrative of Centre vs states on this issue, by blaming the former for side-lining regions and regional languages.

But the fact is, this provision was made available to all the states back in 2013 and it so happened that only Gujarat has used this. No other states have approached the National Testing Agency to provide the JEE (Main) question paper in their regional language.

In such a circumstance, how can one blame the present government at the Centre?

See how CM Mamata Banerjee used this situation to stoke regional sentiments against the Centre by not presenting the true picture.

The Facts on JEE Test

The National Testing Agency that conducts the JEE test has issued a press release to state the facts. It said:

  • The JEE (Main) Examination started in 2013 with the idea of all states admitting their Engineering candidates through JEE (Main).
  • Only the Gujarat agreed to admit their candidates in State Engineering Colleges of Gujarat through JEE (Main) and requested that the JEE (Main) paper be made available in Gujarati language.
  • In 2014, Maharashtra also opted for admitting the engineering candidates in the State Engineering Colleges through JEE (Main) and requested to provide the question paper in the language of Marathi and Urdu.
  • In 2016, Maharashtra withdrew the admission to the State Engineering Colleges through JEE (Main). Therefore, the translation in Marathi and Urdu language was stopped.
  • The translation of JEE (Main) question paper in Gujarati language continued on the request of Gujarat. None of the other states have approached NTA to provide the JEE (Main) question paper in any other languages.

Without even approaching the NTA to provide the examination in Bengali, CM Mamata has tried to play politics on the issue of language.