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Janata Curfew and Beyond – PM Modi’s Ten Appeals to Combat Corona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation over the prevailing condition of Corona virus outbreak in the evening of 19 March 2020. He gave a mantra for Indians to combat this pandemic in a collective and responsible manner. The major announcement in this regard was his call for observing the coming Sunday of March 22 as ‘Janata Curfew day’.

Here are the key takeaways from his speech.

Janata Curfew

He recalled “When I was young, we saw that in the war situation the whole village used to carry a blackout exercise by remaining inside. All would stand outside and whole villages would blackout. In the same way, I am proposing a ‘Janata Curfew’- a curfew of the people for the people themselves and for betterment of the people themselves.”

“On Sunday, 22 March 2020, from morning 7 am to night 9pm, the country should observe Janata Curfew. Except those people in emergency services, all are requested to remain inside their houses. 22 March is this resolution day. This will prepare us for next challenges. I urge state governments to implement this. Organizations like NCC should take this message to people. As an individual you can phone 10 people to apprise them about Janata Curfew.”

March 22, A Different Kind of Thanks Giving Day Also

Requesting another kind of cooperation on the same day, PM Modi said, “Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, government staff and people in Police, transport etc. have been serving in the frontline during these days. This is not normal service. They are serving the role of Rashtra Rakshak to combat Corona. People should observe March 22 as a thanks giving day for them. At Evening 5 o’clock people are requested to come to their door or balcony, and express gratitude to the service of such people by clapping hands or ringing bells for five minutes. Local administration are requested to make a siren signal to mark this moment.”

Appeal to Upper Middle-class and Business Class

PM Modi made an appeal to this class and urged them to take care of the service class. He said, “It may happen in many cases that the people who are providing service to you may not reach you for a while. But ensure their pay since they too have families to take care.”

Special Emphasis on Senior Citizens

Modi specifically made this point and reiterated that, “Senior citizen should not to venture out in this pandemic period.”

Do Not Pressurize Hospitals

PM Modi made an appeal to avoid hospitals from getting additional burdens, saying, “Hospitals should not be pressurized, so that they can concentrate on Corona. So, avoid the routine checkup. If necessary, take the advice from phone. People should postpone their non-emergency surgeries for a month.”

There is No Room for Thinking that the Danger is Over

Explaining the seriousness of this global pandemic PM Modi said, “The situation arised due to Corona outbreak is graver than the situation at the time of World war first and second. The whole world is going through a tough time. Natural calamities and epidemics are often restricted to some regions. However, Coronavirus has caused trouble to almost each part of the world.”

Then he said, “Though Indians have cooperated so far, there is a feeling that the worst is past us. It is wrong to think that we have escaped.”

Give Me Your Couple of Weeks - PM

In an emotional appeal to the nation PM Narendra Modi said, “People of this country never said no whenever I asked them for something. Now, I need some of your weeks and time. In combating Corona, science has not given any specific roadmap, medicines or vaccines yet. The study of most affected countries shows that after the initial stage, there is an exponential growth in the spread of Corona cases. Some countries have fared better by isolating people. This needs people’s cooperation. In countries like India, the challenge of global pandemic is huge.”

Sankalp and Samyam – Two Keywords

Sankalp and Samyam (Resolve and restraint) are very important to fight this pandemic. Be resolute and be patient.

PM elaborated the Sankalp part by saying, “130 crore people should resolve themselves that they will follow the roadmap that the Central and State governments has identified for them. The resolution should be- We will escape from the epidemic and protect others. It is very important that one should keep oneself healthy first.”

Explaining the concept Samyam he said, “One needs to avoid go out of home and avoid crowds. Isolate yourself to escape from the pandemic. Only for very essential work one should venture out. Except those people who are in essential services like health system, public representation, media etc., all other people are requested to slow down their business and try to maintain it without physical presence wherever possible.”

Economic Response

PM Modi said that a COVID 19 Economic task force has been formed which will hold talk with various stakeholders and will announce the future steps. He guaranteed that it will take all the steps to reduce the economic blow arising from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Make No Rush – Everything is Ensured

PM Modi assured that essential commodities like milk, medicines and groceries will remain available in sufficient quantities, and requested people to refrain from panic buying and hoarding.

Concluding his speech, PM Modi made a passionate appeal for the collective fight against Corona. “People of this country have played their role with responsibility, the spirit of which needs to be continued. Yes, there are personal difficulties. But all your efforts should be to escape from this global pandemic. Let humanity win and India win. In the coming days the festival of Navratri, that signifies Shakti, is coming. We need to win this battle in that spirit.”