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‘Doomsday Predictions’ Over Abrogation of Article 370 And the Ground Reality

doomsday prediction

In the past, you may have come across any number of statements especially from certain political quarters in Jammu and Kashmir and the separatists claiming that the revoking of Article 370 will lead to ‘bloodbath’ and ‘ending of Kashmir’s ties with India’ etc. It has been two days since the said article was revoked. The world is seeing that no doomsday predictions are proving right, instead, the valley is returning to normalcy. Of course, some security measures are necessary till the time the newly reorganized Union Territory comes in tune with the new reality, but in summary, it is visible that the situation is under control on the following counts.

  • Many ground reports show that the common people in the valley have no serious grouse about the decision and no major violent incident happened so far
  • National Security Advisor’s visit to the valley has built confidence among locals and boosted the morale of the security forces
  • The knee-jerk reaction of Pakistan has exhibited that they don’t have any options at their disposal
  • Indications of a new wave of economic growth in the valley seems to be already winning the narrative, dismissing the scaremongering of handful naysayers

Let’s deliberate on the above points.

Jammu Kashmir Towards Normalcy

Here is a visual of the roads in Jammu and Kashmir reported by Doordarshan News that counters the claim of some sections that the valley is completely shut and life has turned bleak.

Of course, there is a heightened security but the life of common people has been taken care of. These snaps from ANI news service provides evidence.

Journalist Rahul Pandita who reported from the ground has tweeted that many Kashmiris are happy with the decision since they believed that only handful of people benefitted from Article 370.

NSA Ajit Doval’s Visit

When on August 7, NSA Ajit Doval visited Kashmir, he sent two significant messages. Having a meal with the local people on the streets of Kashmir reaffirmed India’s outreach and concern for the common people. On the other hand, his interactions with security forces underlined the fact that India is firm in dealing with any eventuality if the vested interests in the valley resort to any misadventure.


Pakistan’s Decision

Pakistan’s decision to downgrade diplomatic relations with India and curtail the trade ties has not come as a surprise. India is not dependent on trade with Pakistan. In fact, experts argue that Pakistan which is facing a dire economic situation itself will be at the receiving end. While asserting that the abrogation of Article 370 is its internal matter, India’s Ministry of External Affairs has put the onus of maintaining diplomatic relations on Pakistan by expressing regret to their move. As explained in our earlier write-up, India has already garnered some international support for abrogating Article 370.

In contrast, Pakistan has arguably downgraded its position further in the global forum with the kind of statements it gave after India’s move. Pakistan PM Imran Khan has said that “Pulwama-like attacks can happen after revocation of Article 370”. Thus, Pakistan has, yet again, officially admitted that it stands with terrorism and violence.

Economic & Development Indications

Soon after the revocation of Article 370, there are enough indication in terms of economics and development that the people of J&K may look at the future with enthusiasm. These headlines speak for themselves.



On all the counts above, one can safely arrive at conclusion that all the doomsday predictions over the abrogation of Article 370 proved to be a bluff of vested interests.