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India At Decisive Stage in Battling Corona – Here is Why You Should Support with Social Distancing

Adding to the measures already in place, India has announced further travel restriction to fight Coronavirus. On 16 March 2020, India announced that travel of passengers from the members of the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, Turkey and United Kingdom to India is prohibited from 18 March 2020. Further, on 17 March 2020 India had announced that the travel of passengers from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia to India is prohibited with immediate effect. Domestically, many state governments have restricted the large gatherings in public places and directed to close down cinema halls, malls, and pubs etc., for a brief period.

While the majority of people do understand the importance of such stringent measures, there may be a few people who would wonder if the measures are an overkill. Some may be doubtful of the need of such a lockdown-like situation, as it affects all the economic activities desirable. However, precautionary principle implies that it is better to take necessary steps to prevent a crisis.

Why a Lock-down like Situation is Good for the Future

For all such doubters, the possible context to such an exercise needs to be understood. All the analyses suggest that if the virus is not contained at the second stage and the spread is allowed to enter the third stage, it may wreak havoc on India’s public health system. India’s mammoth efforts at this stage are ensuring that the country does not enter that critical stage.

For this, public support is crucial in addition to all the steps taken by the government. While there is no need to panic, precautions must be on the top of everyone’s priority list.

What if you as a general public prefer to see the situation as ‘just another flu’? You should look at the example of Italy.

Heart-wrenching Scenes from Italy

The entire Italy is on lockdown, and more than 2,158 people have died. Due to the overwhelming Corona patient’s influx into the hospitals, it is reported that the doctors now have to choose whom to save and whom to let die.

The Business Insider reported that many Italian groups are now making videos to tell the world that how they disregarded the early signs and paying the price now. It reports quoting some Italian YouTubers, “Other countries, such as France and Germany, are reportedly 10 days behind Italy in terms of COVID-19’s progression. Many of the people who appear in the video say they wish they had taken early directives to stay inside and practice social distancing more seriously.”

India’s Urgency

This is the reason why Indian administration is continually appealing for social distancing at this stage. Meanwhile, according to a report in Times of India, government is rapidly working towards increasing the capacity in testing COVID-19. Another report highlights the record of COVID-19 affected being cured in India, including the elderly people.

Now, the people need to be aware and supportive to government initiatives in fighting Coronavirus.