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The Grand Picture of Indo-US Defence Cooperation Emerging with the BECA

Indo-US defence cooperation

As expected, the USA and India have entered into the BECA pact which will enable India to avail US expertise on geospatial intelligence, and sharpen the accuracy of weapons and automated hardware systems. Details of this can be read in our earlier piece 2+2 Meetings Between India and the USA – All You Want to Know.

The signing of BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement) marks an important step in the Indo-US defence cooperation, since it can be seen as major add up to the earlier major pacts that India sealed with the US under the Modi government. Defence and strategic experts now see the three pacts together to arrive at the bigger picture emerging in the global military context.

BECA, COMCASA (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement), LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) put together will provide a grand picture of India – America defence partnership that is going to shape the narrative especially in the Indo-Pacific region.


BECA: The sharing of geospatial information and the data set supplemented by highly accurate US satellites will help India in targeting military assets and navigation when necessary.

COMCASA: This gives India access to advanced defence systems, and enables India to optimally utilize its existing U.S.-origin platforms.

LEMOA: Both India and the US will be able to access each other’s military facilities for refuel and logistics support.

What Does the Trio Power Means?

There is now no uncertainty in the fact that the US accepts India as a key partner in the Indo-Pacific region. Pakistan can no longer think that the American troops may be needing space in their territory in any possible future conflicts, because LEMOA gives it an option with India.

The inter operatable thrust between the two nations will help India gain an edge in communication tech. The US has built massive data link network that involves air, sea, ground, and space for NATO force. With COMCASA, India can also access these sophisticated communication links whenever the two forces hold joint exercises.

With BECA, India can access high satellite images of the adversary region and plan accordingly.

Thus, the power of trio, i.e., the three defence pacts with the USA signed during the administration of Modi government, has created a formidable partnership that is imperative in the light of new realities in recent times.