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Indo-China border face-off – Did Manmohan Singh As PM Show the Virtues That He Preaches Now?

Indo-China face-off

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tried to make his contribution to the efforts of the Congress party to generate a non-existent controversy from PM Modi’s statement on Indo-China border face-off In the earlier article it was examined whether the questions of Congress in this regard are serving any national interest right now. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Manmohan Singh made a point of criticism, stating that “We remind the Government that disinformation is no substitute for diplomacy or decisive leadership.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his part unambiguously set the record when he stated that India wants peace but will give a befitting reply to aggression, while paying tributes to martyrs, saying that the nation is proud of their sacrifices. Nevertheless, Manmohan Singh appears to deliver sermons on diplomacy and ‘decisive leadership’ without any context.

This makes one wonder as to what ‘decisive leadership’ and information dissemination did Manmohan Singh exhibit during his own tenure as India’s Prime Minister. In his time, on multiple instances of China’s incursions, he offered no explanations.

Here is a memory freshener for the former PM.

This is the report dated May 2, 2013 in The Times of India suggesting that India might have lost some land to Chinese incursions.

Quoting various sources and media reports, The Diplomat on September 06, 2013 wrote,

“Chinese military forces have gradually assumed control over an aggregate of 640 km across three sectors along the border in Depsang, Chumar and Pangong Tso. The media reports also said that after a PLA incursion into Indian territory on April 15, Indian forces have been prevented from patrolling the Depsang Bulge.”

In a report published in Business Line dated August 21, 2013 it was noted that there had been more than 150 incursions in the months leading up to the noted Depsang event.

A ground report from India Today dated September 2013 had extensively talked with locals and found out that Chinese incursions had become a regular affair.

Recently, Rahul Gandhi quoted Brahma Chellaney to take a dig at Modi government. Back in April 2013 the same author made a scathing remark on the political leadership of that time for failing to handle China’s aggression at the border. In his opinion piece on The Economic Times Chellaney wrote:

While China’s aggression is no different from today or from the times of Manmohan Singh’s Prime Ministership, what has changed is that the infrastructure at border areas has remarkably improved under the Modi government. Indian forces can reach rarely visited places along the LAC now and swift military build-up from Indian side, if necessary, is also possible because of roads and bridges constructed in the past six years.

In this context, it is quite rich of Manmohan Singh to dish out advice regarding diplomacy and decisive leadership.