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Has Congress Party Forgotten Indira Gandhi?

Indira Gandhi Congress Wrong Photo

Congress Party on its twitter handle had shared one image calling it to be a photograph of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, the freedom fighter (also known as Frontier Gandhi) with Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India. This image had been questioned for the incorrect image of Indira Gandhi. The image at the heart of the controversy has again been doing rounds on social media.

When we fact-checked, the image has indeed appeared to be not of Indira Gandhi.

We have pasted the childhood image of Indira Gandhi below, a widely-seen and circulated photo. The comparison between the two images makes it seem that the girl in the image shared by Congress Party is possibly not Indira Gandhi. The nose in both the images is so strikingly dissimilar that it is difficult to accept the two girls being one and the same.

Source: Pinterest

Here are the reactions from social media

When the tweet resurfaced, there were many Twitter users also who claimed that the image of the girl shared by Congress Twitter handle is not Indira Gandhi.



This shows that the grand old party of India does not even recognise one of its tallest leaders. Then, how will they recognise the problems of the common people and the larger challenges facing this country?